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Chapter 13 Assignment: Pick Your Adventure



The number of cybercrimes being committed against individuals, organizations, and governments continues to increase, and the destructive impact of these crimes is also intensifying. The brands, reputation, and earnings of many organizations around the world have been negatively impacted by such crimes. As a result, organizations are putting in place a range of countermeasures to combat cybercrime. For instance, the worldwide financial services industry spent $27.4 billion on IT security and fraud prevention in 2015. And a recent survey of more than 10,000 IT professionals around the world revealed the following:

  • 58 percent of global companies have an overall security strategy.
  • 54 percent have a CISO (chief information security officer) in charge of security.
  • 53 percent have employee security-awareness and training programs.
  • 52 percent have security standards for third parties.
  • 49 percent conduct threat assessments.
  • 48 percent actively monitor and analyze security intelligence.

In spite of all these countermeasures, however, the number of computer security incidents surged from 2014 to 2015 in the following industries: public sector organizations; entertainment, media and communications; technology and telecommunications companies; pharmaceuticals and life sciences; and power and utilities organizations.

What To Do

Pick Your Adventure

You will be completing a FREE Cisco Networking Academy course: Introduction to Cybersecurity.

Your grade will be dependent on your level of completion.

There are 5 chapters within the course. The more that you complete the higher your grade will be. Below are the chapters and the activities or labs that are associated with each.

Activities: These are embedded into the Cisco System. You will complete them correctly, take a screen shot, and place them in ONE Word document that includes above the image the chapter and activity name.

Labs: There are a separate document that is linked within the table below and the chapter overview page. Please complete this (either filling in the blank or writing in your response). These will all go into a file that you will Zip and submit.

ALL of your work for this assignment will be placed in ONE folder, Compress & zipped, and submitted at one time. Make sure that each part is specifically labeled. If I am unable to identify from your description what file it is I will NOT count it.

Grading Scale: 15 total activities or labs within chapters 1-5.

Grade Number of completions Expectations for each grade
A+ 15 + certificate All of the activities and labs for each chapter (1-5) and submit your completion certificate
A 15 All of the activities and labs for each chapter (1-5).
A- 13-14 Most of the activities and labs for each chapter (1-5). (Missing 1-2)
B+ 11-12 Most of the activities and labs for each chapter (1-5). (Missing 3-4)
B 10 Some of the activities and labs for each chapter (1-5). (Missing 5)
B- 9 Complete at least 2 activities and labs from each chapter (1-5)
C+, C, C- 6-8 Complete at least 1/2 activities and labs from each chapter (1-5)
D+, D, D- 2-5 Complete 1 activity or lab for each chapter (1-5)
F 1 Completed one activity or lab total

Activity & Lab per Chapter:

Chapter Chapter Title Activities & Labs
Chapter 0 Course Introduction No activities
Chapter 1 The Need for Cybersecurity


1. Compare Data With A Hash
2. What Was Taken

Chapter 2 Attacks, Concepts, and Techniques


1. Identify Vulnerability Terminology

2. Identify Malware Types

3. Identify the Attack Type

Chapter 3

Protecting You Data and Privacy


1. Create & Store Strong Password

2. Backup Data to External Storage

3. Who Owns Your Data

4. Discover Your Own Risky Online Behavior

Chapter 4

Protecting the Organization


1. Identify the Firewall Type

2. Identify the Port Scan Response

3. Identify the Security Appliance

4. Order the Stages of the Kill Chain

5. Identify Cybersecurity Approach Terminology

Chapter 5

Will Your Future Be In Cybersecurity?


1. What Color Is Your Hat?


How to access the FREE Cisco course:

1. Choose how you will enter into the course:

QR Code Link
Introduction to Cybersecurity (Links to an external site.)

2. Enroll in the course. You will need to use an email that you can access to receive the link.

3. You will receive an email. Click on the Get Started link to access your account.

4. Follow the prompts to begin the module.

How to take a screenshot:

1. There are multiple options that you can use to complete this task. For simplicity of this assignment I suggest using the Screen Clipping tool in Microsoft Word. This will allow you to take a shot of what you would like to include and will be directly embedded into your required word document.

2. Another option is the Snipping Tool that is part of your computer system. I find and use mine through a system search. This will create a picture that you are then able to put into your Word document.

3. Another option is an external tool. One that I like and use frequently is TechSmith- Jing. This is a free product that is on your desktop after download and is easy to use!

How to Zip a file:

  • Locate the file or folder that you want to zip.
  • Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder. A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location.

If you need more direction there are tons of great videos on YouTube!

What to Include:

One file that is compress zipped that includes:

Compressed zipped file of ALL activities & labs that you will be submitting.

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