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Each group will be required to search for two journal articles, select two management related topics from the selected articles and relate with the selected case study ( is attached below on decision making ). Each case will be on a main concept related to management. For example, the case may be on planning, leadership or decision making. Students may use Google Scholar and other available library databases to search for two journal articles on the main topic. For example, if the case is on planning, the students will search two journal articles on planning. Students may also use the list of research journals and other periodicals as mentioned earlier on page 6. From each selected article, students need to select one concept or topic which they wish to relate to their case. Instructor will assign one complete session in which students will bring two articles in the class and work in group to discuss and relate these two articles to their selected case study organizations. If students face any difficulty in searching the articles, they may contact the instructor who will further guide the students in locating the journal articles.

  • Proper Referencing and Plagiarism: All submitted assignments are expected to be properly referenced. Plagiarised assignments will be penalised. Plagiarism is the copying of another person’s ideas or expressions without appropriate acknowledgment and presenting these ideas or forms of expression as your own. Plagiarism includes copying any material from books, journals study notes or tapes, the web, the work of other students, or any other source without indicating this by quotation marks or by indentation, italics or spacing and without acknowledging that source by footnote or citation. Plagiarism also includes the use of the work of other students as your own without acknowledgment. The College and University regard plagiarism as an extremely serious academic offence and will impose penalties. Assignments, reports, and any other material used for assessment purposes should be submitted through the Blackboard System’s SafeAssign.
  • APPENDIX 1: Group Case study project (Essay) Written Report
    • Number of words: 2000-2500 words

    • Must be typed

    • Due on ………. (Date to be advised)


      1. Course Title and course code
      2. Title of the Case
      3. Course Section
      4. Names and ID of ALL group members
      5. Date of Submission
      6. Name of your Lecturer

    Your essay must contain the following

    1. A brief Introduction

    Here you outline the relevance/importance of the case and give some idea of what you are going to do in the essay (ie how you are going to structure the essay.

    1. Background

    Here you provide clear explanations about the organizationWhat the main issue of the case isAny other information about the organization/the case that will help understand the issueAdd any information about the organization you obtain yourselves from website searches. Do not Insert too much information (Summaries only). If there is something you wish to attach, put it in Appendix of the Essay. (Word counts DO NOT INCLUDE APPENDICES)You must use your own words Do not copy information from the case and simply type it. You MUST follow the referencing guidelines provided and you MUST not plagiarise.

    1. Case Analysis

    Here you should explain how the case relate to “Management” and/or any of the topics in Management
    You should discuss the way in which the case help understands the above topic and/or issues.
    Here is an example of what you should be doing here
    : “this case relates to the issues of planning and control ……It highlights some of the problems that arise when managers try to plan and control. According to the theory about planning , planning is ….” (Reference textbook). According top You should be very clear about how what we learnt in management applies to this particular case.

    1. Conclusion

    What have you learnt from this case? What can you conclude generally about this case and how it relates to management?

    1. TWO Questions about the case (and Answers)

    Choose 2 of the questions appearing at the end of the caseSuggest how each of these may be answered.


    You must reference any material you obtained from any book, website or journals. You must list the reference sources in the way shown in the referencing guide below. You must show that you have searched, accessed and used at least TWO references (journal articles). If you borrow phrases, graphs, table… from the textbook, you must reference these.
    See BELOW
    In-text citation When you summarise the main ideas from someone else in your own words, you are also expected to clearly acknowledge that someone else first wrote about the ideas you have summarised. Giving proper references shows that you have read the appropriate literature and are well informed (Devlin 2004, p. 23). “A recommended solution to the problems that students experience is for THEM TO CHECK on how referencing is done in Books, Journal Articles …etc.” (Landau, Druen & Arcuri 2002, p. 113) .
    The reference list is designed to provide information to enable each source that you have cited in text to be identified. The list should appear at the end of a work, under the heading ‘References’. The references should be listed alphabetically by the surname of the first author/editor or by the title if no author/editor is given.

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