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(3) Isolate the problem(s) more than one (include powerpoint style bullet)
(4) Propose the solution(s) more than one to the problems based on the facts in the case and
your personal and educational experience. Ask “what options might be available”? (include powerpoint style bullet)

Students will develop a case study based on an actual event and organization. The name of the
organization and the name of the student are not disclosed. Students will have an opportunity to submit the case study and findings to management. Please include in the case study the main characters; series of events, problems, solutions, root problem, and root solution. In addition to the experiential learning, the student has an opportunity to gain an understanding of decision-making, apply model, approaches, and tools for analyzing, as well as, developing critical thinking skills, and

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Johnson And Johnson Baby Powder Case Study

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A Known Threat

Asbestos has been labeled a known human carcinogen by the National Cancer Institute as well as the Department of Health and Human Services with noticeable links to certain types of cancers such as mesothelioma, a cancer that forms in the lining of the tissue in the heart, lungs or abdomen as well as ovarian cancer and fallopian tube cancer.

Johnson and Johnson Talcum Powder settlement

Many of the talcum powder plaintiffs point to studies from the 1970s linking talc to cancer, when scientists in Wales discovered particles of talc embedded in ovarian and cervical tumors. Johnson & Johnson still makes a variety of baby powder with talc, although most baby powder is now made with cornstarch. Image created by Oppenheim Law

The Testing Fiasco | Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Cancer

Due to asbestos’s high risk of causing cancer, Johnson & Johnson has routinely tested their baby powder for this carcinogen. The tests they have carried out have not allegedly found asbestos in their baby powder. To carry out and report the findings of these tests to the court, they hired the laboratory director of AMA Analytical Services, Andreas Saldivar, to serve as Johnson & Johnson’s expert witness. Saldivar has been working for Johnson & Johnson since 2017, serving the company in litigation and reporting no traces of asbestos on previous tests on marked bottles. However, in 2019, Saldivar’s lab tested an unmarked container of baby powder, following an FDA request, and found traces of asbestos. The container was then revealed to be baby powder from Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson and Johnson Lawsuit Baby Powder

After the FDA alerted Johnson & Johnson in October, 2019 of the results showing asbestos in their container of baby powder, the healthcare giant reacted by issuing a voluntary recall of lot #22318RB which included 33,000 containers. Johnson & Johnson stated this was done “out of an abundance of caution”, and rightly so as the FDA has said, “there are no known safe levels of asbestos.” According to Reuters, some major U.S. retailers have followed a similar course of action and removed all 22-ounce containers from their shelves. Nevertheless, it did not take long for Johnson & Johnson to reconsider their situation and make another decision. On May 19, 2020, Johnson and Johnson decided to stop the sale of talc-based baby powder in the United States and Canada, a decision probably motivated by the thousands of lawsuits pending before a U.S. District Court in New Jersey claiming that talc caused their mesothelioma and ovarian cancer.

Johnson and Johnson Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Making Amends | Johnson and Johnson c Lawsuit Settlement

Two years ago, a lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson awarded $4.69 billion to 22 women as compensation for damages for asbestos found in its mineral talc, yet there is still time to act. Although Johnson & Johnson is discontinuing its North American sales of its talc-based baby powder, it still faces nearly 12,000 lawsuits across the country claiming that the talc in the baby powder causes cancer. If you suffer from ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, or mesothelioma and have used Johnson & Johnson talcum powder, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Our team at Oppenheim Law recognizes the emotional burden these complications can have on families. That is why our firm provides a team of professionals committed to zealously represent our clients.

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