job search ” – consider W r i t i n g

job search ” – consider W r i t i n g

The Type Focus assignment is designed to expose you to the Type Focus personality assessment in order to help you better understand yourself and what aspects of your personality best fit with possible careers both in and out of the sports world.

From the LSU Type Focus website:

“This assessment is designed to assist you in making effective decisions about careers and college majors. Personality is one component of self-awareness. There is a strong correlation between personality type and job satisfaction. Determining your personality type will provide valuable information about careers that would likely be a good fit for you.”

There are two portions to the Type Focus Assignment. Completion of the online test is 10 points and the reflection paper assignment is 30 points:

1.Complete the Type Focus Assessment online

Instructions to Complete the Type Focus Assessment:

1.Go to


Password: Rhohma1

Click the Self-Assessment option on the left.

Complete the Personality, Interest, and Values Assessments.

  • Type Focus Assessment Assignment

After completing the Type Focus Assessment – you need to respond to the following questions.

In three well-developed paragraphs – answer the following questions. I mean well-developed – put some thought into this! It is worth 30 points.

  • After reading through your type code (there is a link posted on Moodle that explains each of the 16 type codes) – reflect on things you agree with and disagree with regarding your potential strengths and weaknesses as listed on the type code document.
  • Based on the career you think you will pursue at this time (something with sports leadership) – read and reflect on the 5 statements mentioned in the section “What I Need in a Career for it to be Satisfying”. Give me three examples of how this is true for you. Or give me three examples of how this is not true for you.
  • Looking at “Recommendations for the Job Search” – consider how you will work on avoiding your weaknesses. Provide specific examples.

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