“ job document cheat sheet ” W r i t i n g

“ job document cheat sheet ” W r i t i n g

You will need to use the last name letter B.

As part of the Franklin Innovation Seminar, your class has been asked by Ohio Means Jobs (Links to an external site.) to create a “Job Document Cheat Sheet” that provides users clear and thoughtful advice for writing job application materials.

For this activity, you will create a small, draft section of this document that the class can review. In your section, you should provide 1-2 tips on writing a particular type of job document. While your draft section may not look quite as polished as the Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet (Links to an external site.) you read, it should include both written and visual content. (And to be sure, your work may, in fact, look a little more polished than our course reading!) You may use MS Word, MS Publisher, or another software to develop your draft section.

You may draw on assigned readings, the general discussion we have had about effective workplace writing over the course of the term, or your own analysis of resumes and cover letters that you have examined in our textbook or elsewhere.

Students with last names beginning with letters from A-K should provide 1-2 tips, with explanation and discussion, on résumés. Students with last names beginning with letters from L-Z should provide tips on cover letters.

Submissions should be uploaded as PDF attachments to the discussion board. Students will provide brief feedback to their peers.

Action Items

  1. Watch this short video (Links to an external site.) that provides an overview of the Ohio Means Jobs platform. Note that the cheat sheet would ultimately be used as a resource to help job seekers prepare their résumés and cover letters.
  2. By Thursday, post a short draft section that provides 1-2 tips on the type of job document you have been assigned. Your draft section should include both written content and visuals.
  3. By Sunday, review the draft sections your peers have posted. Reply to at least one peer and discuss both the strengths and weakness of the draft section as well as the quality of advice that it provides.

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