Jccmi- client growth and develop week 2

Chapters 5-8


1.  Choose a topic from one of the chapters in this week’s reading assignment and write a summary about the topic as follows:

  • Why it interested you, 
  • What you believe might interest someone else, and 
  • How you believe it might aide you in the future.

2.  Choose an article from a credible source and post it with your summary, with an explanation as follows:  

  • How the article related to your topic.
  • A brief summary of what the article is about.


CHP 5-  Questions: Opening Communication

Chp 6-    Encouraging, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing: Active Listening and Cognition 

Chp 7-    Reflecting Feelings: The Heart of Empathic Understanding  154  

Chp 8-     How to Conduct a Five-Stage Counseling Session Using Only  Listening Skills 

Theres differnt items under each ,I’m sure you can pull it up though but you have the link to book