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.—————– jacob escarcidamy initial thoughts H u m a n i t i e s


What are your initial thoughts about the speaker? What can you learn about combatting glossophobia from this video? What techniques could you learn from these videos? Would you be willing to try this technique? When might you try this technique?

reply to students post below.


Jacob Escarcida

My initial thoughts about the speaker were that she was a great pick to do the Ted talk because she was very personable and was great at talking though that should come as no surprise seeing as that’s her profession. Now, my thoughts on her after watching the video have changed but for the better and the reasoning is that she brought up a story that some may relate to and that lets people connect to her speech on a deeper level. So I learned to combat glossophobia early on in my life seeing as growing up as a military brat you not only talk to many different people bt you are introduced to a new group every two or so years but with that being said I’ve never tried the stances she mentioned so those could be a great help to those combatting glossophobia. The two main obvious techniques were to have great posture and to do the wide pose and I think those are the main takeaway from this because they would help the most people in the long run when they go forward in their endeavors. At first, if I were to be asked if I would be willing to try the techniques I would quickly say no just so that I could avoid doing these weird poses but after watching the video in full I would have to say yes and especially say yes when it comes to job interviews. Though I have taken a class in the past on job interviews and also priding myself on being a decent communicator, Job interviews will still always be the death of me. Something about them just racks my nerves and makes me shiver to the core so I would most definitely use the broaden your shoulders technique as shown in the video in hopes to make myself more confident going into the interview.

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