iq really predict job performance ?. H e a l t h M e d i c a l

iq really predict job performance ?. H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Disability is any disease of the mind or body (impairment) that makes it very difficult for an individual with the disorder to undertake some tasks (restriction of activity) and connect with other people around them (limitation of participation) (Sternberg, 2015). There are several kinds of disabilities, like those involving an individual’s: movement, vision, reasoning, recalling, listening, talking, hearing, mental wellbeing, and social relationships. This study evaluates methods of screening and diagnosis of disability and also discusses the ability of prediction of the diagnostic test (Sternberg, 2015).

Method of Screening and Diagnosis of Learning Disability

Predominantly, disability of learning is diagnosed by administering two assessments and recognizing a large difference in their grades. Such tests are a measure for intellect (or IQ) and a standardized test for accomplishment (writing, reading, arithmetic) (Sternberg, 2015). The purpose of carrying out the IQ diagnostic test is to gauge and measure how perfect an individual can use logic and information to respond to questions or come up with predictions. Age targeted for the diagnosis is kids aged four. For kids from around age four, IQ assessments provide fairly successful results; nevertheless, results are less accurate for pre-school kids than for children of school age (Sternberg, 2015). If parents think their children are different, then getting their children checked for IQ as early as age four is the main solution for them to understand the learning ability of their kids. This test has been tested specifically for this children aged four.

Validity of IQ Test

It is generally agreed that IQ test results, with associations of around 0.5 with other tests such as academic achievement, predict school achievement reasonably well (Richardson, & Norgate, 2015). The issue lies in this prediction’s potential self-fulfillment since the tests are not separate, but simply different iterations of the same test. IQ test is not sensitive in measuring intelligence of an individual (Vornholt, 2018). Based on the information I would integrate this test in advanced practice as it would help avoid my weakness and know my strength.


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