interviews could provide appropriate methods applicable W r i t i n g

interviews could provide appropriate methods applicable W r i t i n g

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One of the methods used in collecting information and data is that of the sampling procedure. Sampling refers to the process where a sample is drawn from the population. In this case, the qualitative inquiry took the form of a purposeful strategy. This was since the qualitative approach focused on the study’s objective, retrieving useful information that achieves high-quality standards by using a relatively small sample of participants. In this case, the qualitative study focused on understanding the conditions within which the research phenomena occur, emphasizing the findings’ generalization. The interview participants were selected purposefully, where every participant was either a staff in the facility or a practitioner at Holzer health center.

Further, structured interviews were conducted to ensure that each interview with the participant can give us the best feedback he or she has. Since there was a notable lack of response to the emails being sent to each participant. The one interview response were recorded on paper. The total sample size that was used for this study consisted of nine participants. Six of them were medical doctors, while the other three were staff from different parts of the facility.

The major goal of qualitative research methodology in this study was to assess and understand the participants’ perception alongside technology’s influence in enhancing the facility’s improvement in its performance and overall treatment. Notably, the qualitative methodology provided a basis for analysis where there was difficulty in apportioning data into discrete values as it appears in quantitative analysis (Hames 2019). In this case, the qualitative method sought to examine the general flow of the entire process instead of just its abstract value. The semi-structured interviews were applicable in actual data collection. Further, the written data from the interviews were transcribed. Therefore, the one interview done was with Dr. Cheryl helped a little, eliciting her different experiences, and identifying the different areas that she felt needed improvement in the Holzer health center.

The methods used in collecting data could give a different experience where they could help identify these areas of change naturally since participants were given a chance to express their opinions using their own words. Semi-structured interviews were also applicable in this study to have a sense of sensitivity and provide a way of understanding others while noting the participant’s experiences. This could allow them to convey their own experiences by using their own words and world without being influenced by the interviewers. The main research instruments that were applicable for data collection were initially emails for purposes of descriptive studies and the secondary was interviewing . Interviews could provide appropriate methods applicable to data collection. In this study, the use of structured interviews and asking questions relating to the health facility were considered. The questions were verbally administered to the selected group to ensure they understood what was being asked of them. A list of predetermined questions was also used in retrieving the required information with little or no variation and devoid of scope for follow-up questions towards various responses that required deep explanation (Adashi Geiger, & Fine 2017). The semi-structured interviews could help in the defining of the explored areas on how the health facility can improve with the Covid-19 pandemic era if the selected participants all responded to our emails or accepted the interviews.

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  • No renovation or expansion needed
  • No COVID tests at health center
  • Small Parking lot
  • Need more modern equipment
  • No on-site radiology
  • Specialized treatment is all off-site
  • Would be more efficient to have on-site specialists
  • Non-responsive, hard to contact
    • Create application to make scheduling appointments easier
  • 24/7 medical service
  • Pharmacy is small and only has over the counter medication
  • Quality improvement – expansions and renovations would clearly improve quality of life, yet they aren’t suggested.

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