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****I just need the last question(How likely is it that NBD will win each claim?) answered along with a conclusion********


Step 4: Review the Dualplex 360 Case URGENT MESSAGE (Special Assignment) From: Janet Yoon, CEO, Colossal Corporation To: International Task Force Good day all, I’m pleased with your analysis of the employment law issues at NBD and would now like you to focus your attention on the Dualplex 360 case file. This is another case arising out of Colossal’s subsidiary, NBD, but involving potential consumer claims against the company. This is a serious and time-sensitive situation, and I need your team to address the following questions: Given what is happening with the Dualplex 360, list the types of claims that the US customers could file in court against NBD and the arguments they might make for each element of their claims. What types of damages could be awarded under any of the claims listed in your response to the previous question? What defenses might NBD have for each claim? How likely is it that NBD will win each claim? To address these issues, begin by reading about tort damages and negligence and products liability. These resources are a great introduction, but you may need to do some additional research on the internet and in the library to answer the questions in full. We are counting on your expertise, insights, and deep research on this one. Thanks team, Janet Email signature with logo of Collossal Corporation and Janet Yoon, Chief Executive Officer Step 5: Prepare Your Dualplex 360 Report Using your outline and research notes, write a report for the CEO. Be sure to meet the following requirements: Include APA-formatted in-text citations and an APA-formatted reference list (do not format the body of the report using APA style, just the reference list). See references and citations for details. Include a specific recommendation on what action, if any, the CEO should take based on your analysis and conclusions. Support your conclusion with references to legal principles and laws. The report should be no more than five pages (double spaced, 12-point font; the reference list does not count towards page limit).

Here is the Introduction: Intro New Brand Design, Inc. is a company located in Serafini, a small country in Eastern Europe. New Brand Design designs, brands and manufactures innovative electronic products, and markets and distributes them for resale internationally. NBD has manufactured and distributed a laptop computer with 360-degree technology. It is a thin tablet that can convert into a laptop by flipping it and it locks in place against a keyboard. It is marketed under the name Dualplex 360 and is very popular in Western Europe, North America, and South Africa. Since the Dualplex 360 went on the market 6 months ago it has been selling out. Unfortunately, there has been consumer complaints of the laptops overheating and igniting when they remain plugged into a power source for too long. In extreme cases, the laptops have burned users and damaged property. The NBD was fully aware of the issue but after conducting a cost analysis they concluded that the cost of lawsuit payouts would be less than the cost of redesigning and manufacturing a new laptop. The research team covered up the defect but included a disclaimer to always unplug the laptop once it is fully charged. Most consumers admitted to not reading the disclaimer.

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