integrated strategic conflict resolution system complies B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

integrated strategic conflict resolution system complies B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Reflective Report Outline:

You should include a title page with your name, Student ID and the course number and course title. (2 marks)

Provide a Table of Contents. (2 marks)

I.Introduction (10 marks)

State clearly what the report is about and the sequence of key tasks/events to follow.

II.Company Overview (10marks)

This section requires a brief background of the visited company. Provide a context for the report. You are expected to describe (a) the mission and vision of the company, (b) the markets/regions it operates in, (c) the number of firms competing in the industry, (d) the company’s competitive positioning for respective geographic regions, (e) and the main potential strengths and weaknesses of company.

III.Industry Visit Reflections

a.Company’s Negotiation and Conflict Resolution System (10 marks)

Discuss how well or how poorly the company apply this. Your reflections and self-appraisal of either business success or failure is the key aspect of this section. The actual activities should be included, and the most important aspect of this section is your ability to reflect and learn from the recently concluded activity.

b.Causes of Workplace Conflicts (10 marks)

In this part you have to identify and analyze the causes of workplace conflicts and discuss the roles of human resource office in dealing with conflicts in the organization.

c.Theories and Practices (10 marks)

You have to cite and compare traditional and alternative theories discussed in the class and practices in preventing internal and external conflict. How do these new learnings differ from the theories discussed in class?

d.Organizational Policies and Procedures (10 marks)

Discuss how the integrated strategic conflict resolution system complies with the organizational policies, regulations and organizational goals.

IV.Key Learning Points (20 marks)

In this section you are expected to reflect on the main lessons learned through the industry visit; your/class interaction on the interview; and your own personal experience and insights.

V.Recommendation (10 marks)

Identify possible changes in practice you can plan as part of this learning activity.

please follow the instruction attached on the both word Rubric. you can use the powerpoint slide as a references

You need to conduct an interview question and please put them as a appendix.

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