instructions instructions book called interplay isbn number 9780190646257 please see W r i t i n g

instructions instructions book called interplay isbn number 9780190646257 please see W r i t i n g

Instructions Instructions book called Interplay isbn number 9780190646257

Please see the instructions that follow for this last Review Activity 5 assignment. This activity is focused on culture, listening, and conflict management

  1. For question 1 see “Nonverbal Codes” on page 58 in textbook.
  2. For question 2 see “Challenge of Listening” pages 202-204 in textbook.
  3. For question 3 see “Conflict Styles” pages 327-334 in textbook.

The Self and Impression Self-concepts are our beliefs regarding ourselves; they involve portraying our self-identity; how we see ourselves. There have been times when social comparisons have positively impacted my social concept in that I have felt that I am in the perceived position people my age would want to be in. Reference groups are the groups to which an individual can be compared, for example, teenagers and parents or even peers; therefore, they tend to be the groups people compare to and evaluate their behavior. The most important reference group to me would include my family and peer. This is because these are the people that I feel are more subject to their approval.The most important behavior and activity that could be useful in changing my self-perception would be to find then challenge the negative beliefs that I have about myself. Such negative beliefs tend to be the stressors of self-acceptance, leading to the feeling of unworthiness and thereby lowering confidence and self-esteem. Another way of coping with self-perception issues would be allowing myself to face the challenges that come my way head-on. By realizing that I’m capable of facing such challenges, I’ll be able to teach myself the virtue of perseverance, and this will to some extent, help me learn to appreciate myself more, thereby improving the image that I have of myself.The best way to manage other people’s impressions of me would be through knowing myself, knowing those things that I’m good at and the ones that I’m not; this would help me have a self-aware identity, thereby helping me filter out any negativity that I may come across. Secondly, I could try to be more positive. Positivity involves having an outlook towards the world that handles situations in a positive and generally warm outlook. Being positive relates to controlling those emotions that cause negative feelings; this emotion tends to cloud judgment and thereby misinterpretation. The best way to cope with people’s impressions of me would require that I learn to use logic to interpret different situations and avoid throwing things out of proportion. In most cases, people have been known to overthink what others are saying about them. The benefit of being able to handle other people’s impressions is that a person gains confidence while being able to accept that in some ways, they may not be perfect.

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