institutional review board approval H u m a n i t i e s

institutional review board approval H u m a n i t i e s

Please read the instructions very carefully so you can understand the questions very well before you work on it.

My most important requirement is someone who is not busy and thus can read the article about my topic and spend the time focusing on my work. I am always open to any suggestions or changes and will willingly make the appropriate ones. The person who would like to help me must have the following skills:

  • The ability to find answers to scientific research questions.
  • Excellent English speaker and writer, research design expert.
  • A person skilled at writing typical words, strong and knowledge-based.
  • I am looking for someone who has critical and analytical thinking and also has good explanation skills.
  • Read the article well and understand the questions related to it.
  • The article’s link:

    2. What indications are given that institutional review board approval has been


    3. Does the background and significance section make it clear why the proposed

    study was conducted?

    4. What research question(s) or hypothesis (or hypotheses) are stated, and are

    they appropriate to express a relationship (or difference) between an

    independent and a dependent variable?

    5. Has the research question(s) or hypothesis (or hypotheses) been substantiated

    by adequate experiential and scientific background material?

    6. Given the level of evidence suggested by the

    research question, hypothesis, and design, what is to potential applicability to


    7. What are the controls for the threats to internal validity? Are they appropriate?

    8. What are the controls for the threats to external validity? Are they appropriate?

    9. What are the sources of bias, and are they dealt with appropriately?

    10. How do the threats to internal and external validity affect the strength and

    quality of evidence?

    11. Was the fidelity of the intervention maintained, and if so, how?

    12. What type of design is used in the study?

    13. Is the rationale for the design appropriate?

    14. Does the design used seem to flow from the proposed research question(s) or

    hypothesis (or hypotheses), theoretical framework, and literature review?

    15. What types of controls are provided by the design that increase or decrease


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