instantaneous contact tracing using mobile phone apps H e a l t h M e d i c a l

instantaneous contact tracing using mobile phone apps H e a l t h M e d i c a l


Ethics have their powers extended to public health, which will define what is morally right or wrong. In this essay, a definition concerning ethical practices in the context of public health will be done, and an explanation concerning an ethical practice from my organization provided to examine its social and moral characteristics.

In a public health setting, and ethical practice entails the practices that are done by various actors of the public health system, which justifies the medical and healthcare decisions based on whether such decisions are morally right or morally wrong from the perspective of the individuals involved in this process (Lin et al., 2020). Furthermore, in public health practices, the major parties involved in this process must act as the moral agents, which means they need to acknowledge their actions to ensure that they serve all parties’ best interests. Therefore, justification of the course of actions arising from healthcare ethics is essential to public health.

One of the public health practices done by my organization is the healthcare emergency response. In this kind of healthcare practice, the organization aims to ensure an optimal investigation of an outbreak, primarily done in an urgent situation that might pose severe challenges to the population if there are no mechanisms to address such issues (Rose et al., 2017). In recent periods, the organization has been engaged in emergency response concerning the covid-19, which has seen it take immediate actions to safeguard the organization’s health conditions.

Ensuring emergency response concerning the covid-19 has been considered an ethical public health practice due to its social and moral characteristics. One of the moral characteristics of this covid-19 emergency response practice is that it has enabled the healthcare workers to trace the infections before they could spread to the vast population (Parker et al., 2020).

Conclusively, the activity is considered moral conduct of the organization since it is the right way to conduct the business. Additionally, the healthcare practice offers a social background since it will enhance the social responsibilities of the institution on protecting the whole population’s health.


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