“ insiders ” versus hip hop ’ O t h e r

“ insiders ” versus hip hop ’ O t h e r

In the first book that we read this semester, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Jeff Chang took us through a very detailed history of hip hop.The book discussed the political and social climates that surrounded the creation of hip hop, in America and abroad.It also detailed how hip hop evolved with the ever changing environment.This book also included pieces of how hip hop had been commoditized by mainstream America but didn’t go very deep into that discussion.

The second book, Other People’s Property, is told from the perspective of a white man, Jason Tanz, and is a very in depth look into the politics of the commoditization of hip hop.It talks a lot about his interest in hip hop, as a white boy then man and how he struggled with finding his place in hip hop.

Your final paper will be an analysis of the two different perspectives.You will be required to write about those two vastly different perspectives and bringing them together in some meaningful way.You should discuss the pros and cons of the commoditization of hip hop; hip hop’s “insiders” versus hip hop’s “outsiders”; the relationship between these two groups; should “outsiders” be accepted into the culture of hip hop, why or why not?; do “outsiders” have anything to contribute to hip hop and if yes, what is it?; what does it take to become an “insider” and why?; etc.You are expected to be thorough in your analysis of the two books and explain the connections that the books have to one another.Lastly, there should be a level of critical analysis on the both the hip hop community regarding the acceptance of “outsiders” and the mainstream and their engagement of the hip hop culture.

The paper should be 3-5 pages long, double spaced.You need to cite at least 5 references to the content of the book.You also need to include at least 2 outside sources.There needs to be an attached bibliography.You will be graded on your critical analysis, creativity and knowledge of the content of the course.You should make sure that the grammar and spelling is correct

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