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initially thought might play W r i t i n g

Based on the “Research assignment proposal ” to write the annotated bibligraphy.

Now that you have chosen a focus for the Research Paper, you need to become an informed speaker on your topic. Consider the information you need to know to speak intelligently. Think about the questions you would like answered and the topics, people, history, and whatever else with which you should be familiar. Then, do the background research you need to inform yourself about this subject. To find sources, check the resources at the Richter Library through Once you have found useful sources, you can use their bibliographies to find additional sources. For the most current information, you can turn to reputable online sources. Scholarly, academic, or government websites can be good choices, depending on your topic. Check through the library’s website for the most helpful official sites. Keep a bibliography of all the useful sources you examine, even the ones you do not include in your research reports.

You will probably look at many more sources than you will actually use. That is the nature of research. You may also decide not to include some of the research from this assignment in your paper, or you may include material you encounter late and don’t discuss in the annotated bibliography(ies), both of which are fine. Ultimately, you will need to use the research that works most effectively in your paper, even if that means rejecting material you initially thought might play a prominent role or including new research that you find as you work on your essay.

For each source you include, provide the appropriate bibliographic information at the top of your report (see Citation Handout or visit the Purdue OWL). You should write A PARAGRAPH OF AT LEAST 100 WORDS FOR EACH OF YOUR SOURCES, which should contain the following:

  • First, summarize the main points or ideas of the piece.
  • Second, explain what this source adds to your understanding of your topic.
  • Third, explain how you see this fitting into your paper. This last part is especially important, as it will force you to consider how your research can play a role in your writing.
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