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This INDIVIDUAL project is intended to enhance your understanding of global marketing through preparing a global marketing entry plan.


You should pretend to be working for/heading a firm (either one already existing in the US, or one that you choose to invent). Your firm has decided to enter a new country that it does not already do business in. Further, your firm has decided to enter with all (or fewer, can be as few as one) products from the current product portfolio. You have to write a Global Marketing Entry Plan for a target market in the country you have chosen to enter into.

How to:

Read chapters 8-13 on Global Marketing Management thoroughly. Concentrate on the sections called “Planning for Global Markets”. In your report however, you will focus only on Phase 3 (there is a table in one of the chapters with 4 phases), while briefly reporting (max total 1-2 pages) on Phases 1,2 and 4 (with a few examples, figures, pictures).

The rest of your paper will consist of a full report based on Phase 3 – Developing the Global Marketing Entry Plan. You will have to make decisions on many aspects of the global entry as a group (e.g. country of choice, target markets, product portfolio for entry, budgets, the 4Ps of the Marketing mix, leadership/management style, personnel, cultural adjustments, and ethical considerations). Further, you will also have to justify your choices within the context of the information you possess.

Examples of marketing plans are available in your text, on the web and in the library in many other marketing textbooks. There is an additional working example in your MKT 301 textbook (the prerequisite for this course). Use any of those plans as a template. Just remember that you are introducing this product internationally and not in the US. Research the country of your choice thoroughly. Do not leave any stone unturned in understanding the country and its geography, culture, people, demographic variables, history, mythology, habits, art, religions, family and social structures, foods, competitors, political structure, legal structure and any other variable that you think is important and might impact your entry into that market adversely.


There are two requirements (1) a written paper of about 20 pages and (2) a narrated PPT presentation of <10 slides

  • Page length 20 pages (all inclusive), double spaced
  • Provide full descriptions of all the decisions you make. For example, if you choose only one product line (e.g. shampoo) as your entry product, describe the line (including fragrances, sizes, shapes, forms etc.) in your report. Pictures will help. If you are inventing a new product, a scanned drawing of a prototype might help me visualize it. You do not have to be an artist to satisfy me. I am OK with just getting a general idea of what the product and packaging might look like.
  • Justifications have to be provided for all your decisions. For example, if you choose to enter via strategic alliances, explain why, and briefly remark on why other forms of entry (e.g. exporting, franchising, and joint ventures) would not work. Similarly tell me why you chose your country (e.g. Japan) and why not other similar countries.
  • Describe the (any) modifications you would make to the 4 Ps in order to adapt to the new target market and why you would do so.
  • Make reasonable assumptions for budgets and expected sales.
  • Prepare a narrated (either voice or typed notes on the bottom of each slide in the PPT) Power-point presentation as if you were presenting to an audience. Keep this PPT restricted to <10 slides of the most important points of your global entry – which company/product, which country/why, 4P-s, projected sales/profits. That would do.

Upload both the PPT and the Project. (if you need an extension, you have let me know ahead of time, and also need to justify with a significant reason).

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