including domestic versus global B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

including domestic versus global B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

me and my partner are doing a presentation a company (I will provide more details about the company once we start working). My part is to do 6 to 7 slides about STRATEGY FORMULATION , STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION, STRATEGY EVALUATION and CONCLUSION. Here are the things that needs to be covered in my slides:


  1. Show and highlight your SWOT Matrix, focusing on the strategies you ultimately will recommend.
  2. Show and explain your SPace Matrix. Focus more on the implications than the numbers. Strategies must be specific; avoid vague termssuch as market penetration.
  3. Show your Boston consulting group (Bcg) Matrix. Focus more on the implications than the numbers. Do multiple Bcg Matrices ifpossible, including domestic versus global, or another geographic breakdown. Develop a product Bcg if at all possible. comment on each matrix as per strategies you recommend. Develop this matrix even if you do not know the profits per division and even if you have to estimate the axes information. However, make no wild guesses on axes or revenue/profit information.
  4. Show and highlight your internal-external (ie) Matrix.
  5. Show and highlight your grand Strategy Matrix.
  6. Show your Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM). Be sure to explain your strategies. Do not go back over the internal andexternal factors.
  7. Present your recommendations page. this is the most important page in your presentation. Be specific in terms of both strategies andestimated costs of those strategies. Total your estimated costs. you should have 10 or more strategies. Divide your strategies into two groups: (1) existing Strategies to Be continued and (2) new Strategies to Be Started.


  1. Show and highlight your earnings per share/earnings before interest and taxes (ePS/eBit) analysis to reveal whether stock, debt, or a combination is best to finance your recommendations. graph the analysis.
  2. Show your projected income statement and balance sheet. relate changes in the items to your recommendations rather than blindly going with historical percentage changes. Be sure to show the retained earnings calculation and the results of your ePS/eBit decision.
  3. Show your projected financial ratios and highlight several key ratios to show the benefits of your strategic plan.


a. Prepare a Balanced Scorecard to show your expected financial and nonfinancial objectives recommended for the firm.

Viii. CONCLUSION (2 Minutes)

  1. compare and contrast your strategic plan versus the company’s own plans for the future.
  2. thank audience members for their attention. genuinely seek and gladly answer questions.

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