include total global salesand totalemployees ). market share B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

include total global salesand totalemployees ). market share B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Guidelines for Individual Final-Term Paper

(I will post pictures of the instructions and will upload a sample paper)

1- Industry Analysis

  • Industry Characteristics (Describe your Industry)
  • Industry size (include total global salesand totalemployees).

    Market share of top competitors(domestic and global competitors, minimum of 5 each) needtwo separate piecharts in color for domestic and global competitors.

    List and explain at least 3 of your industry’s primary Key success factors(main things customers need and want)?

    Identify and describe how the current COVID – 19 Pandemic is effecting your industry.

  • Porter’s Five Forces industry analysis
  • Chart is required identifying all forces and considerations.

    Potential entrants (minimum of 3 considerations)

    Substitutes (minimum of 3 considerations)

    Suppliers (minimum of 3 considerations)

    Buyers (minimum of 3 considerations)

    Rivalry (minimum of 3 considerations)

  • Strategic Group Analysis
  • Strategic map need chart.

    Analysis of scale and scope

    2- Strategic Comparison of Two Firms

    A• Mission, Culture and Organizational Structure of each firm:

    Identify and compare mission statements of each firm

    Organizational structures: is your firm tall/flat and how does one firm compare to the other in your well does the structure support firm strategy(Provide the org structure chart of each firm and compare them)

    B• Financial Analysis of each firm comparing to industry averages:

    Identify,calculate and discuss at least 8 relevant key ratios including price/earnings ratio, show chartcomparing both firms, includeIndustry averages.(Include minimum 5 years of financial data for comparisons for your industry and each firm)

    Discuss how well positioned the firms are financially to support their strategies

    C • Competitive Advantage through the Value Chain:

    Discuss the value chain of each firm and how it supports distinctive competences

    (Include illustration flow charts of two separate value chains of your firms, be sure to included primary and secondary activities and find differences between firms)

    What strategies should each firm pursue over the next five years and why? Please be sure to include and consider the COVID-19 Pandemic in your strategy consideration.

    3- Communication Effectiveness

    Organization, clarity, conciseness

    Effectiveness of Executive Summary, in text citations and annotated references

    Accuracy of wording, grammatical correctness

    Effectiveness of tables, charts and other graphic

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