inch marginsuse 12 point fontpart W r i t i n g

inch marginsuse 12 point fontpart W r i t i n g

  • This is an urgent tsm, please deliver in the given timeframe as the deadline can not be extended.
  • There are two essays which need to be completed, please make sure you deliver each in a different word document, apa format with appropriate references.
  • Do not use first person pronouns and limit the passive voice
  • The textclass materials were attached, your work should be based on these materials and cited including the page number ( as stated below)
  • Academic vocabulary and lack of grammar errors are mandatory for this work considering these are writing tasks.
  • Essays should begin with an introductory paragraph, which clearly states argument. Support the argument using specific examples from the readings. Pay close attention to the chronological chain of cause and effect, and to past circumstances. Avoid generalizations.
  • A strong argument will be well-supported by evidence from provided materials and will not be overly broad or ahistorical. For example, the arguments that “All students always rebel” or “Education always leads to revolutions” are not particularly strong or well-grounded in evidence from our course.
  • Primary sources will be appropriately analyzed. Rather than taking the primary sources at face value, the essay will consider who wrote the source, when, why, their goals, audience and the context.


  • CITE the sources used (Only the sources provided). You may choose any format you prefer, however you need to be consistent. Use the author’s name and page number, for example (Bowman, 5)
  • essays should:
  • Be double-spaced
  • Have one-inch margins
  • Use 12 point font

Part #1 (40%)

Approximately 3, maximum of 4 double spaced pages.

In our course we have studied encounters and protests between different groups, particularly in three scenarios: standardized testing, the Iranian revolution of 1979, and study abroad. Argue as to whether or not these encounters made students more aware of the “values and ways of life” of their own countries, their “place” in each country, and its “place in the world.”[1]In your answer consider at least TWO of the three scenarios described. Your essay must include at least TWO primary and TWO secondary sources.

Part #2 (60%)

Approximately 5, maximum of 6 double spaced pages.

In 2015, Angus Johnson argued that “This fall’s organizing hasn’t arisen out of nowhere — campus protest has become considerably more common in the past few years — but it does represent a break from recent history. While it has roots in past student movements, it’s genuinely new in a number of important ways, and observers on and off campus are struggling to comprehend it.” [2]

Considering protests from 2010 through the present day, do you agree or disagree with Johnson’s argument? Why or why not? In your essay, compare and contrast protests of the 1960s with those after 2010. Your essay must use at least THREE primary and THREEsecondary sources, and must discuss at least one set of student protests in the 1960s and one after 2010.

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