******* important ******** follow apa 7ed professional format H e a l t h M e d i c a l

******* important ******** follow apa 7ed professional format H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Research Critique Part I
NUR 4165
Critique a research study pre-approved by the professor by addressing each of the
elements below. Use the text for this course to support your views. Addition
references should be from Peer-review journals. The paper should be 2-4 pages and be
written in narrative form.
Headings and APA format required.
When doing a research critique, it is acceptable to put the reference for the article on
the bottom of the title page. Do not cite the article within the body of the paper.
However be clear in writing that the content is referring to the study. Without this
format, references are required throughout. All other resources must be cited and
referenced as usual. The Article must be submitted in a PDF format to the
assignment drop box along with the paper to be graded.
I. What is the purpose of the study?
II. Statement of the Problem:
o What problem/issue prompted the authors to do the study?
o Is the problem clearly and concisely stated?
o Is the problem specific and narrow enough to study?
o How is the problem important or significant for nursing practice?
II. Research Question and Hypothesis-Heading
o Identify the research question.
o Hypothesis
o Define what a hypothesis is.
o Identify the hypothesis or hypotheses. Is it a null or researcher
hypothesis? Is it stated clearly? If there is more than one, identify each.
o Discuss what dependent (DV) and independent variables are (IV). Identify
the DV(s) and IV(s) in the study.
III. Review of Literature-Heading
o What is the purpose of a literature review (ROL)?
o Is the ROL well-organized.
o Does the ROL have a significant amount of recent work (less than five
years old)? Are the majority of references from scholarly journals?
o Does the ROL provide supporting evidence to show the need for carrying
out the research? (Was a gap in the literature identified)?
o What is the purpose of using a theoretical or conceptual framework in
nursing research? Was a framework identified? Is it adequately


Follow APA 7ed professional format, place a page-break before proceeding to content page. Title on first content page (pg 2) of the paper, begin the introduction with a synopsis of study, define critique, last statement in the introduction is your purpose statement. The concept mentioned first in the purpose statement, is the first heading to be addressed. Each heading must be define, using your textbook for a reference, state what is in the study- followed by your critique, to determine if it is align with the definition. That is it, an analysis of the study is NOT a part of the critique. Conclusion-A page break is needed, remember the Reference page stands alone.

References must be in APA 7th edition from course textbook and nursing journal less than 5 years old

Course textbook

Title: Essentials of nursing research
Author(s) Polit, D. F. & Beck, C.T. (2018)
Publisher: Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer.

Edition: 9th
ISBN: 978-1496351296

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