,” implementing stricter gun control laws H e a l t h M e d i c a l

,” implementing stricter gun control laws H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Topic for the persuasive speech is,

“Implementing stricter gun control laws are necessary to save lives”

I will attach my professor’s specifications for this outline as she is very exclusive, and also an example from our textbook as she stated it was beautifully written.

  • The outline must be in the format discussed in class and as shown in the textbook.
  • The conclusion must state a clear THESIS in the introduction, and a clear CALL TO ACTION in the conclusion.
  • The body (main and sub-points) of the outline must show in-text citations that match the sources listed on the reference/works cited page.
  • A minimum of FIVE credible (Wikipedia is unacceptable) sources must be listed on the reference/works cited page

A cover page must be done including the following:

My topic: Implementing stricter gun control laws are necessary to save lives.

My name: Yagnery Carmona

Professor name: Yvonne P. Morris

Class: SPC 1017 – Fundamentals of Speech Communications

Date: December 4, 2020

Professor is asking for all these specifications and while all of that is important I want to add my part to this, as unfortunately this subject touches me very close. I lost my 21 y/o son last year due to the accessibility of a fire arm at that time. I don’t have words to describe the pain and the emptiness I feel every time I think about this and believe me, I do it daily. You are free to include my experience and please do so in the introduction. In my opinion, if that fire arm would’ve not be there at his friends house that night, my son would still be alive. I don’t want any mother to go through my experience that even though I have family and a daughter It’s hard for me to be happy, to celebrate anything or to make plans, as unfair as it an sound. It also breaks my heart every time I see on the news that a mass shooting has occurred, let it be at a school, a church, or a public event, Its very sad and unfair that innocent people die because mentally unstable individuals, individuals with a criminal record or terrorists have access to high caliber automatic weapons just because our constitution says we all have the right to bear arms. There has to be a limit of what one can own and also extensive background check on top of a psychological exam clearance. There has to be control.

Note: Professor stated in her instructions that we shouldn’t do more than 3 points on the body of the outline.

5 credible references, must match the body main and subpoints.

I have attached her evaluation form just so you know what she’ll be looking for, and also the pages of the book with the example of the persuasive speech.

SPC 1017 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Instructor: Yvonne P. Morris
Persuasive Speech Evaluation Form Max. Points:

Outline (25)
– Formatted with major
– Transitions
– In-text citations
– Proofread
– Works cited page

Content (50)

Organization (30)
(Follows outline; clear
social issue;
– Research (20)
(Depth; breadth;

Delivery (40)
– Verbal and nonverbal
communication skills;
audience connection;
speaking; oral citations;
transitions; effective use
of note cards; call to
action; professional

Appearance (10)
-Grooming; preparedness

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