identify desirable transferable skills applicable H u m a n i t i e s

identify desirable transferable skills applicable H u m a n i t i e s

Virtual Networking/Informational Interview Overview

Identify a career professional within your industry to conduct an 15-30 minute informational interview.

  • You may choose to leverage your professional network that you established within your internship or others in your network – If you need assistance please reach out to the course instructor as soon as possible.
  • The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to continue to engage in influential conversations with industry professionals working in or outside of the career field or industry in which they are interested in or planning to pursue. The practical knowledge acquired through these critical conversations is to be used as leverage for students to identify desirable transferable skills applicable to multiple industries and build their career road mapping plan.

In addition, students will utilize an evidence-based strategic career management and development approach to learn how to exploit their unique skill set to best positions themselves within a competitive job market.

Assignment Details:

Career exploration and planning is critical for proper and effective career management. Having a well thought out career plan for emerging industry professionals has proven to be useful in navigating career transitions, advancements and personal value propositions. This is particularly helpful in identifying the highly desirable transferable skills that employers look for when recruiting new talent from various industries. Students will engage the industry through one of the options indicated in the overview and reflect on their own transferrable skills and unique selling proposition (USP) to assist in the exploitation of their skill sets. ** Check out the questions below to help guide your interview, you should definitely include these topics in your questions!!

Using the information learned in your interview, provide a brief reflection on your findings of the interview. Review the 2 topics below – these should be the focus for your informational interview. Below, please review the reflection questions and provide brief, detailed answers:

  • TOPIC : Navigating your career path
    • Example question: Can you tell me about you career path and how you got to where you are today? I’m particularly interested in how you managed or maneuvered unforeseeable obstacles, or challenges that may have interrupted your plan within your career?
  • TOPIC: Importance of transferrable skills to your career path
    • Example Question: What type of transferable skills do find you most utilize day to day within your position? What do you think are the most relevant and valuable transferable skills within our industry that can be easily used as leverage when self-marketing?

Informational Interview Recap: Provide brief responses based on your interview (READ THE QUESTION THOROUGHLY):

  1. Who did you interview (include name, title, etc.)? Provide a brief background of the person and overview of their experiences, and life. 2.
  2. What are at least 2-3 key takeaways or information you gathered about navigating your career path that stood out in the interview? How does that impact you?
  3. What are the key takeaways you learned about the importance of transferable skills? How do your own skills/experience line up with the information you were given?
  4. What was one thing you learned otherwise about your interviewee that you did not know? Why did that information surprise you, and how might it be relevant to your own career?

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