human papilloma virus infection unit xv H e a l t h M e d i c a l

human papilloma virus infection unit xv H e a l t h M e d i c a l



There are 20 topics.Following the topic list, select two topics from each unit.Each question is worth 10 points total. Please include in your answer both the question number and the actual question.Your answers should be succinct (bullet points are fine), but complete and must emphasize the underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms. You may use printed or online sources in addition to your text, .All material must be in your own words – no quotes!

All of the topics should be addressed as a “compare and contrast” type.This means that you should be specific in your inclusion of both similarities and differences:

Symptoms, including common symptoms and those specific to each disease or disorder; specific disease or disorder for topics on general concepts (2 pts)

Pathophysiologic mechanism causing each disease and how those mechanisms differ or are similar (4 pts)

How each disease or disorder is differentiated from the other and how those parameters used for differentiation relate to the underlying disease mechanisms (3 pts)

Similarities or difference in how each is treated and how that treatment relates to the underlying disease mechanisms (1 pt).

Unit XI: Disorders of Endocrine Function

1.Type I diabetes mellitus; Type II diabetes mellitus

2.Graves disease; Hashimoto thyroiditis

3.Primary adrenocortical insufficiency; secondary adrenocortical insufficiency

4.Cushing syndrome; congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Unit XII: Altered Tissue Integrity

5.Pressure injury; cellulitis

6.Contact dermatitis; exfoliative dermatitis

7.Necrotizing fasciitis; toxic epidermal necrolysis

8.Herpes simplex virus infections; herpes zoster infections

Unit XIII: Disorders of Digestion, Metabolism, and Elimination

9.Inflammatory bowel disease; irritable bowel syndrome

10.Cholecystitis; acute pancreatitis

11.Alcoholic liver disease; autoimmune hepatitis

12.Glomerulonephritis; polycystic kidney disease

Unit XIV: Disorders of Sexuality and Reproduction

13.Endometriosis; endometrial cancer

14.Benign prostatic hyperplasia; prostate cancer

15.Erectile dysfunction; priapism

16.Syphilis; human papilloma virus infection

Unit XV: Trauma and Multisystem Conditions

17.Thermal burns; chemical burns

18.Spinal cord injury; disability (neurologic)

19.Anthrax; plague

20.Nerve agents; pulmonary agents

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