HSA 4110 Spring 2015Assignment Due April 12, 201525% of Final

,Attached is the case study the following questions need to be answered: , ,Read the Case Study below. Discuss the following in your assignment: , ,Develop the argument you would be advancing if you were in George Mann’s position. , ,Develop the argument you would advance if you were in Sally Carter’s position. , ,Assuming the position of the CEO, Jane Arnold, render a decision. (Document your decision in whatever detail may be necessary, complete with explanation of why you decided in this fashion). , ,Based on your responses to Questions 1–3, outline whatever steps—policy changes, guidelines, payroll requirements, etc. —you believe should be considered to minimize the chances of similar conflict in the future. , ,Assignment should be a minimum of 5 pages, excluding the title page and reference page. , ,?  Utilize a minimum of 5 references please use all references in in-text citations , ,?  Fully answer all questions above and follow proper APA guidelines. , ,See HSA 4110_SpringAssignment1-2.pdf,