How do you write a bibliography for an essay?


What is Bibliography?


A bibliography is a list of resources from where you have taken all the information included in your essay. You tell your readers that you have provided information taken from reliable sources. It can be added at the end of the essay, on the last page. Give the heading of “Bibliography/ References” to include the sources. 

When you are taking notes, it would be helpful if you keep a record of each book, article, or encyclopedia to prepare a final bibliography. First of all, write all the sources on a rough paper; also note down the author, title, publication date, place of publication and publisher of each source. 

When you are writing a final bibliography, list all the sources in alphabetical order. Sources can be articles, text, interview, etc.; there are different bibliography formats; it depends on your teacher when he prefers. For this, you should consult your teacher and take help from a professional <a href=>paper writer</a>to prepare a bibliography for your essay. 

Is Adding Bibliography in an Essay a Daunting Task?

Whether you are writing an undergraduate/ master’s research paper, it is necessary to include the bibliography at the end of the paper. Students find it difficult when writing a bibliography for the first time. When they know the proper format, they can easily write a bibliography for every essay. You should include all the sources in your essay bibliography from where you have taken even a single line. 

If you have included any quote in your essay, then cite the sources like from where you have taken this specific quote, its author, publication date and publisher. 

How to Write a Bibliography?

You are required to use a separate line for each source. As we have mentioned before, there are different formats of writing a bibliography; you can follow any of them according to your teacher’s demand. Write the details of your text in this order: author name, publication year, book title, edition, publisher, publication place. 

For example,

John, BK, 2005, The Artists of Antiquity, 3rd Edition, Virago, London

The following information is required for each printed source:

· Title

· Author name

· Volume number

· Place of publication (of a book)

· Publishing company

· Publication date

· Page number

Collect the following info for each website:

· Editor and author name

· Page title

· The company that posted that specific webpage

· URL (web address for that page)

· Date when you looked at that page

I hope this guide will help you when you start preparing a bibliography for your essay. <a  href=””>Write my essay for me</a> under the guidance of any professional writer.