hot bright lights .” 25 W r i t i n g

hot bright lights .” 25 W r i t i n g

1.What mythical creature’s origins were covered in the Lore podcast episode “They Made a Tonic”?

2.Who was the main character in the S-Town podcast and where did it take place

15. What does the term “gatekeeping” mean and how does it affect our society? (answer in 5-7 sentences)

16.What are the 5 parts of a narrative arc?

17.Talk about grief and tradition. Consider how they operate and how they work with one another. Use at least TWO of the works we covered in class to explain your answers. (answer in at LEAST 8 sentences)

18.What are the 4 key identifiers of a sonnet?

19. Define the term “Bleeding Title”

20.explain the difference between end-stopped and enjambed.

21.Talk to me about The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Things your answer might consider but do not have to include:

What are your thoughts? What’s weird or not-weird about the story. How does this work being a translation affect how we read the story? What would you do if you were in the villager’s position?

24. Identify the author and story title of the following passage: “But of course all this does not show on television. I am the way my daughter would want me to be: a hundred pounds lighter, my skin like an uncooked barley pancake. My hair glistens in the hot bright lights.”

25. Talk to me about Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue.” Things to consider: how do we use language to create in-crowds and out-crowds? How do we weaponize language? What even is “proper English”? How does the non-fiction storytelling work here? (answer in at least 8 sentences)

26. Talk to me about Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use.” Things to consider: how do we give objects utility? How do we pass down heritage? What even is heritage? (answer in 7 or so sentences)

27. What is shame and how does it work? (answer in 3-5 sentences)

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