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host 1192 – group assignment “ B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

HOST 1192 – Group Assignment

“Your group is the newest private operator in the Retirement Community field.You are just about to open the newest property in your company’s portfolio.It is in the location of your choice (in Toronto or around the world) and it offers the range of services that you wish to offer (within the realm of what a typical Retirement Community should offer). You will be launching your new marketing campaign for this property.You will present either a 2-page flyer/advertisement or a short video presentation that would entice your targeted seniors and their families to choose your community.”

This assignment is a group research project and a creative exercise.

Firstly your group will need to conduct research into different existing retirement community companies and types of offerings to better understand the facilities that could (or must) be included in a community and the types of services that are required, depending on the clients you have chosen to target.By understanding the level of services offered and facilities built, as it relates to targeted residents, you will show that you understand your market.Depending on where you choose to locate your facility, you will need to consider the local market.Thinking about the facility that you would build, the departments that will be required to run your operation – these considerations all draw on courses that you have previously studied and would be important to consider for this assignment.

Your work in this first section will be reflected by a 2-3 page summary of the research that you have done and how that leads to your decisions around what services/facilities will be in your group’s retirement community and who is your targeted senior.Research requires a Reference List and appropriate in-text citations, according to APA.

The second portion of your project will be to produce EITHER a two-page flyer promoting your community to your targeted market OR you could choose to produce a short video presentation that would achieve the same result – promote your created community to your targeted market.If you are producing a video, at least two members of your group must be part of the video.

While you are being asked to create a marketing document/video, it is important that you are demonstrating what you’ve learned about what a certain kind of retirement community can offer, and what facilities/services it is necessary to offer to attract a certain clientele. Showing that you understand this connection is most important.Whether you choose the flyer or the video presentation, it is important that the visual element will attract attention while you are providing adequate information about what the community offers.

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