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What is this paper about?

For this paper, you will be looking at intercultural communication competence in the movie Outsourced. The movie is the story of an American manager, Todd, whose department is laid off when the company he works for decides to outsource their work (hire cheaper workers to do the same job) to India. Todd’s boss tells Todd that the only way for him to retain his job with the company is to go to India to train the team that is replacing him and his department. When Todd arrives in India he is definitely NOT interculturally competent as a communicator. In fact, he is very uncomfortable in this new culture and certainly not motivated to learn about it. He thinks that the sooner he can train the team and go back to America the better.

In this essay, you will pick one or two cultural values that you think are at the root of Todd’s difficulty communicating with his Indian workers effectively and appropriately. You may choose from the five cultural values that we studied in this module: (high vs. low-context communication, high vs low power distance, individualism vs. collectivistism high vs. low uncertainty avoidance , or achievement vs. nurturing) or you may pick from the verbal and nonverbal codes. Does Todd overcome these challenges by the end of the movie? Does he become more interculturally competent? What changes can you point to in his interpersonal relationship with Puro or Asha to support your conclusion?

In your essay, you must use at least two examples from the movie, one example from your own (or another’s) experience, as well as three examples from different scholarly articles to support your position. You must cite your sources (the movie and the three articles) both within your essay (in-text citations) as well as in a Works Cited page. You must follow MLA format and 20% of your grade will be based on citation accuracy. The essay must be double-spaced, with a title centered, and in the upper left corner of the first page you will put your name, my name, class and date.

Articles on Intercultural Communication Problems, Causes and Solutions — Pick ONE to use in your essay

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Choose one of these 6 articles to support your main points.

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