healthcare management apa style reply chapter 12 case study reply W r i t i n g

healthcare management apa style reply chapter 12 case study reply W r i t i n g


Research Methods in Healthcare Management APA Style Reply

Chapter 12 case study Reply to each Peer about their post.

Chapter 12 case study Reply 1 to Martina in reference to my post ( She posed this question to me):Top of Form


Thank you for sharing! As you said, “Through the analysis, she would have compared the performance of other clinics around her to determine where she was going wrong”.” Do you think that if she went through with this kind of analysis, the results could have been skewed? In my opinion, I do not see the benefit in comparing in a situation like this. I think any organization differs in how it functions and comparing will only lead to vast and different results.

Chapter 12 case study Reply 2 Rylee:

Hello Class & Professor Dashevsky,

For this week’s discussion post we were asked to read the Caring For Women, Inc. Case study and explain if we think Ms. Fergusons refusal to compare her clinic with other clinics in the area was a good decision. It is important to know who your competitors are and how they are operating in order to make your organization stand out. Competitors offer knowledge and advantage when it comes to improving your organization and catering it to the public’s needs, wants, and standards.

Dr. Ferguson chose to use the cost-effectiveness and cost-feasibility analysis. Using a cost-effectiveness analysis would help aid Dr. Ferguson in comparing total costs and total benefits, however, because her clinic is treading water it is clear there are currently more costs than benefits (Perrin, 2015). Secondly, using a cost-feasibility analysis will allow for comparison costs and the attained value/benefits (Perrin, 2015). I cannot say that Dr. Ferguson’s cost analysis choices would not provide her with beneficial insight because performing any analysis to better her clinic is beneficial. Do I believe performing a cost-benefit analysis could have provided Dr. Ferguson with helpful information? 100%. Dr. Fergusons unwillingness to research her competitors and analyze their processes negatively impacted their chance last chance for hope. However, I do believe that the conducted cost analyses were beneficial in some ways and she was willing to put forth some effort in hopes to benefit her clinic by offering esthetician and massage therapist services. If Dr. Ferguson were to have put her clinics energy into reviving their weaknesses and researching what other successful local women’s clinics around are implementing then they might have been able to stay open.


Perrin, K. M. (2015). Principles of research and evaluation for health care programs. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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