hacker admits stealing college girls ’ nude snaps W r i t i n g

hacker admits stealing college girls ’ nude snaps W r i t i n g

Find a story in the news from the past few weeks about cybercrime/cybersecurity incident, or from a criminal or civil case. Briefly describe the issue as the news reported it and why this example is defined as cybercrime/cybersecurity. What advice would you offer to the relevant leaders and policy- makers in regards to the issue?


Respond this is post (Ale):

A man was caught stealing intimate images from fellow college students. This is considered a cybercrime as it is stealing. The “sharing and distributing inappropriate content that can be considered highly distressing and offensive” (“Types of cybercrime,” 2020). This is not only a violation of privacy but also exploiting social media to have access to their accounts and private conversations without the user knowing. The man had another companion of the same age and they used the student email accounts to find information to gain access to their private social media accounts (Coble, 2021). This went on from 2017 to 2019. They would distribute and sell the images and displayed them side-by-side with the girls’ graduation pictures. This behavior is repugnant, and both are awaiting final sentencing.

The college needs to investigate its cybersecurity. The information of their students is clearly at risk and this is information that students willingly share with the agreement that the information will be safe and maintained within the ecosystem of the organization. The school needs to review its existing security policies, prepare for what has already happened, and the concerns that need to be addressed with this incident. The college needs to get a “computer security incident response team (CSIRT), security incident response team (SIRT), incident response team (IRT), blue team, [red team], [and] recruit and list the members of the core team who will help you come an incident time” (Sheward, 2018). The university also needs to address the issue and respond with a plan. The individuals affected should be considered.


Coble, S. (2021, February 10). Hacker admits stealing college girls’ nude snaps. Infosecurity Magazine.

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