Greetings, I am requesting your assistance on my RESEARCH

Greetings, ,,I am requesting your assistance on my RESEARCH TOPIC PAPER about single parents. I would like to write about the stereotypes and discrimination associated with single parents, men or women. Often they are considered a risk to hire, etc due to the nature of thier situation. ,,Details: The second assignment is a short (5-7 pages) topic paper that requires you to research a subject dealing with an issue relevant to social work practice. This topic will be selected amongst the choices listed within MyClasses You must use two journal articles, one book, and two internet citations as references. After you have summarized your findings, you should then provide your reaction to what you have read: What did you think about what you read? What is the relevance to social work practice? How might you use the information you’ve gained in your work with clients? Did the research methods seem appropriate? Were the articles clear or confusing? Be sure to cite your references using APA style.