govern research papers sprinkled H u m a n i t i e s

govern research papers sprinkled H u m a n i t i e s

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(Due December 6)


Here we are: The Research Paper!

It might sound a little frightening, but you have been building it all semester; you’ve got this!

This Prompt will serve as the guideline for the Research Paper for this class; further, you should revisit “Research Paper Preview” and “Research Tips and Advice.”

I know that seems like a bunch of information, but it should all be review, so it is just a quick look. More importantly, all of the information in the Pages and Modules will be utilized in one way or another in the Research Paper; it is not just “busy work.” Please know that there are rules and requirements that govern research papers sprinkled in these Pages.

In the Research Paper for this class, you will be expected to write an Argument on a topic of your choosing; it should be the same topic that you have worked with for your research steps.

In terms of essay structure, you will want to make use of the “Argument Template” Page.


To begin this assignment, compose your Research Paper by addressing the following requirements:

  1. Choose a shape } Position or Proposal Argument.
  2. Revisit the Page (Position or Proposal) in Module 11 that details your shape prior to writing the essay as the Pages give you instructions to complete the assignment.
  3. Create a Title Page.
  4. Offer a Full-Sentence Outline (Step 6) that aligns with your Research Paper; if ideas to be included have changed since Step 6, make the appropriate changes to the outline.
  5. Write a Thesis Statement that states a stance (Position) or offers a solution (Proposal).
  6. Offer clear, fully-developed Body paragraphs, making sure that compelling and convincing evidence is used.
  7. Acknowledge the Opposition and address it via Refutation or concession.
  8. Make use of transitions.
  9. Ensure that all borrowed material, quotes, paraphrases, and summaries, from sources is parenthetically cited to avoid plagiarism.
  10. Do not Plagiarize; your Research Paper is being scanned by a Plagiarism Checking Program in Canvas.
  11. Offer a MLA Works Cited Page (Step 7); if the sources have changed, then rewrite the page so that it reflects only the works that have been cited.
  12. Write 1800-2500 words.

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