google constantly updates “ creating algorithms B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

google constantly updates “ creating algorithms B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Research how Google has risen to influential power in both the media, eCommerce, and politics, in the last 12 years or so.

Furthermore, research how Google’s algorithm undergoes frequent revisions and changes, forcing marketers to constantly keep up with their ‘rules’. 

  1. Has Google grown to be too powerful in controlling and influencing what information, news, products, and content are being fed to the masses? 
  2. How significant is Google’s role in Marketing Research?
  3. ….and what about other tech giants, the likes of Apple, Facebook, and Twitter?
  • Initial response: 200-250+ words
  • Response to a classmate: 100-150+ words

This is my classmate answer that i need to respond to it:

Throughout the years, Google has attained a strong brand value and recognition. Their ability to constantly innovate and generate revenue through innovation has allowed them to have a higher return on investment. Google constantly updates “creating algorithms that people can sort through quickly through the rapidly growing amount of content being put online.” (Beattie, 2020). It has become the number one search engine where are users can expect accurate results. Google creates an algorithm based on relevance and quality to enhance the user experience. By utilizing algorithm and page ranking factors the user is able to receive the best results from the search index related to their inserted queries.

With Google Adwords, businesses can promote their brand through paid ads on the Google search engine results page. Based on keywords and phrases used by the brand’s website, the customer search will match with the brand. Additionally, with Google surveys, companies can gather insights on their target audience to make informed business decisions during market research. Based on a business’s website page traffic, Google’s algorithms generate to achieve ‘top of the page’ using page ranking factors. Google analytics and trends allow marketers to identify consumer demand and consumer searches to learn more about the market and consumer behavior.

Many consumers use Google chrome which is known to be a faster web browser to search for items on websites like Apple, and browse through Facebook and Twitter. Also, Facebook puts out a lot of digital ads on Google. Companies like Apple can use Google trends to their advantage by learning about consumers and by discovering that the overall consumer is visual. Apple make their product more appealing from the packaging to the entire product.

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