google “ apa sample paper ”) grading rubric H u m a n i t i e s

google “ apa sample paper ”) grading rubric H u m a n i t i e s

The signature assignment for this course is an 8-10 page paper in APA
format with cited research for a relational treatment program designed
for a specific type of trauma. The program review will focus on
services that address a specific experience such as those of suicide
(either attempted or completed), untimely deaths, divorce or
relationship break ups, domestic violence, child molestation or other
forms of child abuse or neglect, rape, sex trafficking, bullying, racial
or ethnic wounding or trauma, specific wartime groups, disasters, etc.
Other topics can be chosen with consent of the instructor. The
description of the program will include references and citations in
each of the following sections:

1. Overview of the topic and experience. Who are the survivors of
this trauma? What have they experienced? Why do they need a
program? Previous attempts to help. Rationale specifically for
a systemic relational approach that involves family or social
network outside the program.

1. Overview of the program. What model or theoretical
approaches will be the foundation for the program? How will
the program achieve cultural/gender relevance for a diverse
groups? How will family or social network (friends, extended
kin, peers) participate? What assessments will collect
information on the participants? What are the goals of this
program? How will those goals be measured?

1. What stages will the program involve. Briefly describe each one
1 / 3
(do not format as a list). Within each stage, describe the
specific approaches and procedures for crisis or trauma
intervention. Do not attempt to regiment or mandate a “onesize-fits-all” approach. How will the program individualize for
each person? What interventions will empower participants to
design their own journey? For example, if immediate family are
not available, what extended family or community can become
part of a person’seam?

1. What training will practitioners receive on how to provide
extensive empathy in crisis or trauma intervention. Describe
the attitudes and skills needed to achieve biopsychosocial

The paper should be
1. 8-10 pages, doublespaced,
2. Times New Roman Size 12 Font,
3. Title page should have title of the paper, name, date, class
4. The reference list should be APA formatted with a minimum of
8 references.
5. There should be 4-5 headings labeling each section of your
paper. See APA sample papers for proper format, but use your
own original headings (you can Google “APA sample paper”

)Grading Rubric:
The course objectives are listed in the grading rubric for this
assignment. However, you have already met some of these in other
assignments. Therefore, when I grade this assignment, I will edit
2 / 3
some SLO’s in the rubric (in my head) to fit the assignment (see
SLO 1: Define theories or conceptual frameworks to understand
SLO 2: Identify cultural issues as they apply to ASSESSMENT of
individuals, families, groups, and communities impacted by YOUR

SLO3: Identify cultural issues as they apply to TREATMENT of
individuals and families impacted by VIOLENCE.
SLO4: Identify crisis and trauma issues for YOUR CHOSEN TRAUMA
and a client’s family that are relevant to the assessment and
treatment of individuals and families.
SLO 5: Identify cultural issues as they apply to THE STRENGTHS AND
RESOURCES of individuals, and families.

SLO 6: Identify family and community based strategies for YOUR
SLO 7: Identify diagnostic criteria, cultural considerations, and
assessment techniques for PTSD, AND OTHER CONDITIONS OF
SLO 8: Synthesize concepts learned in a final assignment.

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