gale opposing viewpoints online collection publisher W r i t i n g

gale opposing viewpoints online collection publisher W r i t i n g

Many Children with ADHD Are Not Taking Medication

Author: Corey Mitchell

Date: 2020 From: Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection

Publisher: Gale, a Cengage Company Document Type: Viewpoint essay Length: 1,230 words

Content Level: (Level 5) Lexile Measure:1360L

Good morning students,

The following is the template for Assignment 2 Article Review. This assignment is due 11/18/20:

Select a topic and/or an article on this site from MDC:

What are the parts of an article/literature review?

Most article/literature reviews use a basic introduction-body-conclusion structure; if your lit review is part of a larger paper, the introduction, and conclusion pieces maybe just a few sentences while you focus most of your attention on the body. If your article/literature review is a standalone piece, the introduction and conclusion take up more space and give you a place to discuss your goals, research methods, and conclusions separately from where you discuss the literature itself.


Your abstract will be based on the author’s information at the beginning of the article.


An introductory paragraph that explains what your working topic and thesis is a forecast of key topics or texts that will appear in the review. Potentially, a description of how you found sources and how you analyzed them for inclusion and discussion in the review (more often found in published, standalone literature reviews than in article/literature review sections in an article or research paper)


  • Summarize and synthesize: Give an overview of the main points of each source and combine them into a coherent whole
  • Analyze and interpret: Don’t just paraphrase other researchers – add your own interpretations where possible, discussing the significance of findings in relation to the literature as a whole
  • Critically Evaluate: Mention the strengths and weaknesses of your sources
  • Write in well-structured paragraphs: Use transition words and topic sentences to draw connections, comparisons, and contrasts.


  • Summarize the key findings you have taken from the literature and emphasize their significance
  • Connect the topic with the class discussions
  • How this topic is related to the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs)**
  • Connect it back to your primary research question

** This information is in your syllabus from pages 10-12

Reference Page

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