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For Short Paper #2, we will consider how gender manifests in online spaces.

  1. First, begin by reviewing the psychology behind gender and gender roles. You might also consider the theories discussed in this week’s lecture materials that provide a foundation for beginning to think about how we lean to perform gender. You may also find it useful to complete the Open Sex Role Inventory (Links to an external site.), which was developed as an open source, modernized measure of masculinity and femininity as defined by Sandra Bem in the Bem Sex Role Inventory. You are welcome to reflect on your results in addressing Part 1 of this short paper assignment.
  2. Next, consider the relationship between gender and language: How do male and female speech patterns differ? To what can we attribute such differences?
  3. Finally, using one of the online text analyzer provided below, perform a gendered analysis of some sample text of your choosing. You may use text derived from your own online social interactions (e.g., social media profiles, status updates, tweets, emails, etc.), or you may choose another source to use for analysis. Report results for the gendered analysis of the text, and then be sure to reflect on how the algorithm made the determination of the gender of the text’s author. Was the algorithm correct in its assessment? Regardless, how did it seem to reach its conclusion regarding gender?

Program #1: Hacker Factor’s Gender Guesser (Links to an external site.)

Program #2: Gender Analyzer (V. 5) (Links to an external site.)



Write at least 500 words (although you may always write more), not including title, citations, or identifying information.

Be sure to include a list of references identifying sources for your findings (if applicable).



For the submission you upload to Turnitin, sources should be explicitly defined in a references section.


Grading Rubric:

The following grading rubric will be used to evaluate this and all future short paper assignments. Possible points for each section are included in parentheses.

STS 359 Short Paper Rubric.png

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