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free streaming media service H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Lesson 8

Project Assignment: Time to put it all together

By now you should have compiled much of the completed Project. This week you will work on completing the three parts so that you will be ready to present the presentation next week.


You have been called upon by a High School in the city where you live to give graduating students a presentation about the professional opportunities existing in your career field: Health Sciences.

As you plan your presentation you soon realize that these students are likely to know very little about the material you will illustrate. It is imperative, therefore, that you assemble a presentation that is both informative and approachable. In other words any material you will present needs to be “at their level”, which means that you’ll need to “keep it simple” while at the same time providing information that is fairly complex in nature.

For this presentation you will create the following three deliverables:

  • PowerPoint presentation: (narrated presentation, about 10 minutes in length) during which you explain the various fields and career opportunities available in the broad field of the Health Sciences. This is where you’ll want to talk about such items as – for instance – current and up-and-coming medical technologies, employment opportunities, salaries, professional organizations, etc. Feel free to add any other topics you may deem appropriate and interesting. If a powerpoint is used it can only consist of pictures, no words. You will then narrate using the pictures for focus.
  • Sample Professional Portfolio: successful career employment in the Health Sciences requires the creation of a Professional Portfolio. That is where one keeps an updated resume, a description of all career experiences, volunteer participation to causes and/or events, and many other types of documentation that concurs to describe the experience one has gained in their field of expertise. For this presentation you will assemble a sample portfolio that shows your audience the type and depth of the documentation that should be included. For the purpose of this exercise you will populate this portfolio with fictitious credentials that you would want to have in your own portfolio one you become an accomplished healthcare professional.
  • Interview: this can be either video-recorded or written/ transcribed. You will interview one of the following individuals: 1) community health worker, 2) other health worker, 3) healthcare patient (can be a family member) and ask questions that are relevant to the understanding of at least one field in the Health Sciences. You will assemble the questions before the interview takes place (be sure to clear your questions with your HSC100 instructor ahead of time), and either record or jot down the provided answers. The length of the interview should be approximately 10 minutes and its purpose is to expose the High School students to whom you will be presenting it to real-life experience and scenarios.

Note: narrated PowerPoint presentations can be produced using MS PowerPoint and then uploaded as “unlisted” (not publicly available) to a free streaming media service such as YouTube. Alternatively students can use Google Chrome and a free plug-in called Screencastify. The free version of Screencastify lets users create

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