four ways fake service dogs make life harder W r i t i n g

four ways fake service dogs make life harder W r i t i n g


In this discussion, you will reflect and share your thoughts about what you feel a person with disabilities encounters and should have access to when they are participating in a recreational activity or traveling.


The purpose of this discussion is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course / in school / in this field / in professional life beyond school:

  • MLO #5.2: Explore the breadth, nature and types of social, leisure and recreation activities available to people with disabilities.


This discussion will also help you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline:

Course Objective 3: Examine the individual and collective contribution of family, work, independent living and education on the quality of life and life-long outcomes of people with disabilities.


Before you respond to this prompt:

  1. Read the Following Articles About Service Animals

Service Animals Fact Sheet

Is that a Service Dog (Or Just Someone’s Pet)

Delta Enhances Requirements for Customers Traveling with Service or Support Animals

Prompt: Service dogs are essential to the independence and safety of people with disabilities. Yet unethical vendors freely and openly sell fake service dog identity gear, while pet owners with their so-called “emotional support” dogs demand ADA rights to which they are not entitled in order to take their pets into public places.

How do we solve this problem, and where do we draw the line between real service dogs and emotional support dogs? What should Congress do to protect the rights of citizens with disabilities who have the need of a service dog, while cracking down on fakes and frauds? Share your feelings about this problem and what we might do to make a change. Reference the articles provided to support your response.

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