formal research paper requires serious research — W r i t i n g

formal research paper requires serious research — W r i t i n g

The Annotated Bibliography

A formal research paper requires serious research–not just Google searches. For this assignment, you will be required to use Keiser’s e-Library databases. We generally recommend EBSCOhost and ProQuest Database Platforms. You may use other academic databases as well if they relate to your chosen paper topic or your major. Consult your instructor if you are unsure.

This assignment will help you to

  • Identify academic sources you may use for your paper
  • Evaluate sources for relevance, authority, and currency
  • Establish where individual sources may “fit” in your paper

To prepare for writing your Formal Research Assignment, you will seek out 5 scholarly sources published within the last five years. (As you move into Week 3, you will need to collect additional sources as the requirement for the final Formal Research Assignment is 7-9 current, scholarly sources.) By submitting the first five here, you will have the benefit of instructor feedback on the appropriateness and usefulness of the sources. You will also receive feedback on the construction of the APA reference entries.

Each entry should consist of an APA formatted reference and an annotation of 150-175 words composed in a third person point of view. The annotation must include:

  • A summary of the source, which will comprise about half of the annotation. In your own words, what is the focus of this source? What issues does it cover? What is its argument? What are its findings or conclusions?
  • One or two sentences explaining how the source is credible. For example: is the source current? Who is the author or publisher? What are the author’s qualifications to write about this topic? Is the argument supported by current evidence? Has the source been peer-reviewed? Be specific.
  • One or two sentences that explain how you intend to use the source in your research. How does the source support, expand, or challenge your argument? Where will you integrate the source and for what purpose?
  • EXAMPLE OF AN ANNOTATION:Smith, J. (2019). Neurological markers within individuals convicted of stalking. Journal of Neuroscience, (3)22, pp. 52-59. article considers the neurobiological factors that contribute to stalking. Its authors seek to define a neurobiological model for a stalker. The research explores the physical systems related to human bonding and attachment, attraction, separation, and jealousy. In the links between these systems, the authors reveal how violence is escalated by emotional factors, such as rejection and sexual intimacy. Experienced researchers at the University of Pisa, the authors bring their wealth of experience to the text. They also note the realistic variances in psychological makeup and provide a substrate for most of their examples, making sure to explore all of the layers and nuances within a subject. This source will help prove the dangers of limerence, particularly the aspect of obsessive relational intrusion that often leads to stalking. I will likely use this in my body paragraph once I transition to the section about establishing why limerence is a problem that needs to be solved.

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