following :- two group leadership skills H u m a n i t i e s

following :- two group leadership skills H u m a n i t i e s

Subject – Working with small groups in social work practice

Textbook: An Introduction to Group Work Practice, 8th Edition. Ronald W. Toseland, Robert F Rivas.

Assignment – Using a previous small group which you have been involved in as an example, prepare:

1 – A ENDING STAGE session plan

2 – A post reflection as the group leader for the ENDING STAGE session

(Use a minimum of 3 references and APA referencing style)

Some of the items which you may wish to consider for the assignment are:

– Your experience of the phase in group development

– Your experience of leadership and your leadership skills in the group

– Your skills of group dynamics observation and the group dynamics found in the group

– Your experience of group process and the effect of the leader’s(your) interventions.

The previous small group which you are using as an example must fit the following criteria:

– it must be a treatment group for: Growth

In the session plan, you must include the following:

– TWO group leadership skills that you have used in the group.

(The leadership skills MUST be selected from the provided PDF file)

You MUST include the following template for your assignment:


Treatment Group Type: GROWTH

Group Session: LAST

Stage of Group Development: ENDING STAGE

Focus/Theme of Session: EVALUATION OF OUTCOME

Session Objective(s):

To evaluate the progress of group members and the achievement of group goals

Summary of research and readings done for planned session:


Rationale/ explanation for planned session:



Treatment group type: Growth

Phase of group work: Ending phase

Focus/Topic for the session: Evaluation of outcome

1) Name a discovery you have made about yourself in relation to group leading?

2) What is your observation of the group dynamics of your group?


a) What was the most challenging group situation faced in the midst of your group leading?

b) Why is it challenging to you?

c) How did you respond to the challenging situation?

4) Upon reflection and applying your group work knowledge, how might you respond to the challenging situation(s) discussed in question 3?

(eg. Usage of group leadership skills, style, methods and group dynamics)


a) Upon reflection, what is one group leadership skill that might enhance your group leadership in the session?

(Use the group leadership skills from the PDF file)

b) Please define the skill and elaborate on how the skill might enhance the group functioning if used?

6) Identify one area of possible growth in relation to group leadership.

How might you continue to develop yourself in the stated area?

7) Any other observations/ comments:

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