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following recording provides additional guidance B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


Unit 1 includes the completion of a basic systems case as part of the review of earlier accounting course work. The case requires completion of an entire accounting cycle for a retail company using both paper records and Excel spreadsheets. The first part of the case is completed manually and the latter part requires the use of Excel.

The objective of this case is to refresh and solidify your knowledge of the accounting system. Your instructor is available to answer questions and provide feedback throughout assuming you reach out in a timely manner. The objective is for each of you to accurately complete this case.

Should you get stuck and need instructor assistance, be sure to send pictures, screen shots, or your Excel document to your instructor as part of your explanation.


  1. Download the following the case materials:
  2. Download the following case spreadsheet:
  3. Complete Requirement #6 (Closing Entries) using the manual documents. (Recall that you can find information about closing entries in the textbook as well as a video in Wiley Course Resources.)
  4. Submit both your Excel document and the manual portion of the case (journal and ledger). You will need to scan your manual documents to submit those. If you don’t have this capability, take digital pictures of your manual documents and upload those.

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