following “ cookie cutter ” format H u m a n i t i e s

following “ cookie cutter ” format H u m a n i t i e s

In Chapter 11 of the textbook, economy is defined as “a cultural adaptation to the environment that enables a group of humans to use the available land resources and labor to satisfy their needs and to thrive” (p. 387). However, the author explains the concept of an economy as much more complicated than a means for humans to collectively meet the needs of a community.

Over the past 30,000 years, human populations have expanded, stressing the carrying capacities of localized natural environments. Food shortages have led foragers to resort to food production. Doing so did not end the food shortagesToday, food shortages occur as a result of unequal distribution. In the present-day market economy all populations are not guaranteed equal or even adequate food resources.

Should all population groups be guaranteed access to adequate food resources? How would an anthropologist go about answering this question:

ASSIGNMENT: List several similarities and differences between population groups (foragers and producers, in the past and in the present) in terms of their abilities to gain equal access to food resources. Use only textbook materials. Include a Works Cited page and cite material in the context of the submission.

To make it easy, use the following “Cookie Cutter” format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Data
  1. Similarities between food foragers and food producers in terms of access food resources
    1. Examples in their capabilities to obtain food as a basic necessity for survival
    2. Examples in each of the need to tend to the careful balance of resources (“carrying capacity”) in order to preserve and maintain food resources

  1. Differences, foragers vs. producers
  1. What is the effect of Few vs. large population numbers
  2. …of Available vs. diminished resources
  3. …of Harsh vs. seasonal climates
  4. …of Respect and harmony vs exploitative view of natural world

  1. Conclusion

Wherein lies the Responsibility? Start out by saying: “One could suggest…., based on what we know….”

  1. Decide which has the better “track record” (around for the longest time)
  2. Decide the benefits of food foraging and food production
    1. Does one have more benefits than another?
    2. Can the benefits of both be incorporated into a strategy that agrees with both?
  3. Are there examples today of how the issue of ensuring adequacy of food isis already being addressed on a smaller, localized level? Could this provide la. model for a larger global solution?

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