follow apa formatting requirements throughout W r i t i n g

follow apa formatting requirements throughout W r i t i n g

Section Overview IconOverview

The purpose of this project is to provide an opportunity for you to use behaviors from the book, describe an individual leader, and analyze the leader’s effectiveness.

You are to observe a leader on a regular basis over a considerable part of the semester (e.g., at least once a week for 8–10 weeks). For those of you with regular or part-time jobs, the easiest leader to observe is your immediate boss. Another possibility is the leader of a group or organization to which you belong, such as the leader of a campus club or organization, the coach of a sports team, or the leader of a community group, voluntary association, or social club.

There is some choice in the behavior categories to use in observing the leader, but they should be relevant for the type of leaders being observed. Some possibilities include the leadership behaviors in Chapter 3, the influence tactics described in Chapter 8, and the group leadership behaviors described in Chapter 10.

Develop a diary form that lists the behaviors to be observed with brief definitions and a space to record notes about actual behavior. Record brief notes on the diary as soon as feasible after each interaction with the leader. If you have a regular job, notes can be recorded at home that evening. The period of observation should last long enough to obtain a good sample of behaviors. The less frequent the interaction, the more weeks are needed to obtain an adequate sample. However, you are not limited to current behavior. You can try to recall good examples from past incidents in which the leader used any of the behaviors and make some notes on them as well. Not all of the behaviors in the diary are necessarily relevant for every leader, and some may not be used very often.

Once you have enough data, create a page break, placing your diary in the appendix, and utilize the information that you have gathered to complete an analysis of the leader’s behavior. As part of this analysis, evaluate the leadership situation and the extent to which the leader’s behavior is appropriate for the situation. Your diary entries in each category can be coded to indicate how much or how skillfully a behavior is used (low, moderate, high). Additional information about leadership effectiveness (e.g., follower satisfaction, motivation, and performance).

Guidelines IconGuidelines

For this specific submission, you need the following:
1. Cover Page

2. Evaluation of leadership situation

3. Extent to which the leader’s behavior is appropriate for the situation

4. Coded diary entries to demonstrate the quantity/quality of behaviors observed

5. Additional information about leadership effectiveness

6. Diary entries

7. Spelling & Grammar Results

Word includes useful tools for helping you develop and improve your writing. Utilizing the instructions linked to below, make sure this feature is enabled:

      • Spelling and Grammar Feature within Word (Links to an external site.)
        • As you enable this feature, make sure that you select “Settings” under the “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word” section and select ALL options
      • Run the Review>Spelling & Grammar tool in Word for your document making sure that you correct the issues identified (i.e. use of first-person, spelling errors, sentence structure, etc.).
      • Once complete, you will be presented with metadata reported that includes the Flesch Reading Ease and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level results for your document. Review those findings and reflect on the quality of your submission. If you think you can improve, by all means, take the time to improve your work and resubmit before the deadline. Once satisfied, take a screenshot of your Readability Statistics and insert that image at the bottom of your Word document and submit. Make sure I can read all of the metadata reported about your document.

7.CRAAP analysis: Minimum of five credible sources in addition to the textbook. Credibility is determined through your evaluation using the CRAAP approach. See the rubric for additional details.

8. Reference List

Your report needs to include a cover page and follow APA formatting requirements throughout. The content of your analysis should be a minimum of 5 pages, not include the cover page, diary entries, Spelling and Grammar metadata results, CRAAP analysis, and reference list. Be sure to introduce your topic, methodically present your analysis, and clearly conclude your document professionally. Again, please review the grading rubric below for more detailed metrics against which you will be evaluated.

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