focus sound editing – voiceover narration H u m a n i t i e s

focus sound editing – voiceover narration H u m a n i t i e s

For the Final Draft, students will write a 1,000- word minimum, critical analysis of the selected short film. This is a Gordon Rule Paper and must be completed with a passing grade in order to pass this course.

Critical Analysis – 2 – 3 Paragraphs

Most importantly, the purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of some of the formal elements of film. I strongly suggest you read and reference the lessons that introduce the formal elements of film as you conduct your analysis and write this portion of your essay.

Strong evaluations will competently analyze at least three formal elements in the body of the paper. For example, you’ll analyze the film in terms of at least – but not limited to  – three of the following:

  • mise-en-scene
  • editing cuts – jump cuts, cross-cutting, cutting on action, invisible cuts, smash cuts, etc.

editing transitions – j-cuts, l-cuts, wipes, fades, dissolves, etc.


camera shots, angles, and movement – long shots, wide shots, establishing shots, close-ups, zoom, pan and/or tilt


depth of focus

sound editing – voiceover narration, musical score, etc.

special effects and stunts

Evaluation and Conclusion –  2 or 3 Paragraphs

This is where your paper becomes more personal to you and your personal preferences. You can grab the attention of your readers by telling people about YOUR overall experience. Give your honest opinion and explain why you liked/didn’t like the film short. Did it meet your expectations? Tell your readers if the film is worth seeing or not. What made this film short stand out from others you’ve seen?

As you conclude and give your paper a sense of finality, be sure to include some critical thinking conclusion here – what social, political, or cultural values are reflected in this film? What is the moral or message of the film? Is the film relatable? What is the primary takeaway that audiences should contemplate/feel as a result of seeing this film? How was it enriching? Or not?

It is recommended that you think about the film in terms of its context (social/political/cultural climate) and its legacy. Will it endure the test of time and resonate with future generations?

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