firstname – datesubmitted – file 1 W r i t i n g

firstname – datesubmitted – file 1 W r i t i n g

Instructions Related to This Assignment:

FInd a person to interivew – such person needs to be someone who practices project management is a real work capacity. 

  1. Interview the person you found.

Assignment Due Date

For Assignment Due Dates, See Syllabus Calendar and/or applicable D2L folder

  1. Points associated with this Assignment for Grading:
  2. See the syllabus section regarding points assignments for grading (just before the course calendar).
  3. Delete the instructions section (section A) and the Rubric (section C) of this document if you are going to use the assignment sheet as your template for submitting the assignment.  Do not copy these assignment instructions into another file if you will be completing and submitting the work in a different document.

How to Submit Individual Homework Assignments:

Submit your work to the appropriate Assignment Submission folder (Course D2L site > Assessments > Assignments > Homework 1).

  1. I strongly prefer that you submit your answers in one MS-Word file.  If that is absolutely not possible, however, submit multiples.

Important:  Save your completed file(s) with the following filename structure

PM-Interview – Lastname.firstname – datesubmitted – file 1 of n

  1. n represents the total number of files you’re submitting.  If you’re only turning in 1 file, the file name would end in, “- file 1 of 1” for instance.

Use the file 1 of n nomenclature even if you only submit 1 file – but this is critical if you submit more than 1 file!

  1. Write your name on each of the pages of your completed file(s).

Please include page numbering in the file(s) you submit.  The page numbering should be of the “Page x of y” format in the file(s), as well.  (this may only apply for Word and Excel)

  • GUIDELINES for PM Interview:

Please note that these are guidelines and sample questions only. Use only the questions that seem appropriate, and feel free to add your own.

  • Note: If the interviewee wants to remain anonymous, that’s fine. If the interviewee is willing, however, please include his/her name and place of employment as a project manager in your paper. Let him/her know that you are doing this interview for a class assignment and that the information may be shared with others. Finally, if s/he is willing to share an email address by which I can send her/him a thank you note for participating, that would also be a welcome inclusion with your submission.
  • Even though I will send a thank you note to those interviewees willing to share an email address with me, I urge you to also send a thank you note to the person you interviewed!

The main purpose of these interviews is for students to gain more insight into what project managers really do, what challenges they face, what lessons they’ve learned, what concepts/tools you’re learning about that they really use, and what suggestions they have for you and other students as future team members and project managers. People often like to tell stories or relate particular situations they were in to get their points across. To this end, here are a few sample questions.

How did you get into project management?

If you had to rate the job of project manager on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rate it?

Briefly explain the reason for your rating. What do you enjoy most and what do you like least about being a project manager?

Did you have any training or special talents or experiences that qualified you to be a project manager? Are you certified or have you thought about becoming certified as a PMP?

  • What do you feel is the most important thing you do as a project manager? On what task do you spend the most time each day?

What are some of the positive and negative risks you’ve encountered on projects? Please describe any notable successes and failures and what you’ve learned from them.

  • What are some of the tools, software or otherwise, that you use, and what is your opinion of those tools?

What are some steps a project manager can take to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a team? How does a new project manager gain the respect and loyalty of team members? Can you share any examples of situations you faced related to this topic?

  1. What suggestions do you have for working with sponsors and senior managers?  Can you share any examples of situations you faced related to this topic?

Do you have any suggestions for future project managers, such as any specific preparations they should make, skills they should learn, etc?

Send a thank you note to the person you interviewed (email is fine). 

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