finished writing project must include O t h e r

finished writing project must include O t h e r

We have read Angela Davis’s essay about alternatives to incarceration, and we have read a memoir by John Edgar Wideman that looks at how his brother’s imprisonment affected him. One work is an essay written by an academic and activist; the other is a very personal story told by a critically acclaimed writer of fiction and nonfiction. Both works attempt to make a case about criminal justice reform as they confront a set of challenges that have been created by America’s criminal justice system

Now it’s your turn. For this writing project, all students will write a letter that addresses one or more challenges in our criminal justice system. Your letter will need to be addressed to Davis, Wideman, or one or more of the people who are referenced in the works of theirs that you were required to read. You may personalize your letter if you think being personal will help you communicate ideas effectively. In addition, your finished writing project must include the following:

*At least 1800 words of double-spaced content that is written in a 12-point, Times New Roman font.

*At least one in-text citation from the Davis essay and at least one in-text citation from the Wideman memoir (so you’ll be quoting or paraphrasing both writers in your letter).

*A thesis or position statement in the first paragraph of your letter.

*Proper paragraphing. Every paragraph should therefore have a topic sentence and other sentences that provide supporting details.

*A separate Works Cited page that is in addition to the letter you are required to submit.


Your paper should be original. Your paper should not merely be a plot analysis or something akin to a book report..

Ultimately, the format for the final draft of this writing project will be a letter that is at least 1,800 words and is double-spaced and written in a 12-point, Times New Roman font. This final document should also include a Works Cited page that is IN ADDITION to your letter. Therefore, you will be submitting at a minimum a final document that is a total of seven pages — a letter that flows over to page six, plus a Works Cited page. This final document must be uploaded to the proper spot in Canvas no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 12. Do not submit a document that is formatted as a PDF, odt, or as Google docs document, as I will not accept a paper that uses any of those formats.

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