final assignment rubricthesis 20mechanics 5logic20structure10apa style10scholarly sources15use L a w

final assignment rubricthesis 20mechanics 5logic20structure10apa style10scholarly sources15use L a w

CRJU 4167 Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice SystemFinal Assignment

Fall 2020

Final Assignment: The final assignment will be a paper with a minimum of ten (10) pages APA format (6th edition) to cite and reference. This paper is due on week fifteen (15) by 2359/1159pm on 20 November 2019.

Final Assignment Rubric

Thesis 20

Mechanics 5



APA style10

Scholarly sources15

Use of sources10

Reference list10

Late (points deducted)

Minimum length (point deducted)

Remember that, when righting a paper of any length, students should be able to write an introductory paragraph that establishes the ideas they are attempting to highlight. They should be able to follow up that paragraph with a series of paragraphs that develop those ideas with facts properly cited from a referenced source. Finally, students should have a conclusion paragraph. All writing requirements should comply with APA formatting for citing sources as well as listing References. Do not worry about including an abstract for this paper. Students will turn in their Mid-term and Final Assignments through Turnitin in CougarView. Make sure to use the following naming convention: last name_firstinitial_CRJU4167_FA_yymmdd.

A. Consider the Course Objectives as we stated on Week One:

1. To provide the meaning of cultural diversity

2. To provide the student an understanding of culture & cultural differences

3. To introduce the student to what it means to be culturally competent

4. To provide the student an understanding of racism, prejudice, & privilege

5. To provide the student an understanding of how the criminal justice system & cultural differences have an impact

B. Consider also that our text is organized around three specificIdeas:

1. The first deals with questions regarding whether the system is biased against minorities.

2. The second deals with the questions regarding whether offenders are mostly from minority groups.

3. The third and final idea deals with questions regarding whether minorities are heavily represented in the criminal justice system because police concentrate their incident driven efforts on particular socio-economic disadvantaged neighborhoods that result in more arrests among minority group individuals.

Using everything you have learned this semester, make an argument in favor of one of the three different ideas or questions flowing through the textbook as articulated above. Make sure to back up your thesis with properly referenced facts. Make sure to provide tested policy recommendation that could improve the situation.

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