final argumentative research essay task W r i t i n g

final argumentative research essay task W r i t i n g

The related field of study is Business Administration/Management. 

Complete a proposal.  As one of the main goals of this course is to develop an appropriate and organized research topic through all stages of the writing process, the proposal is the first step.  While the proposal is meant to guide your exploration, it is not a final blueprint.  You will engage in the research process by evaluating sources, asking questions, applying the knowledge that you gather, and synthesizing evidence and ideas from various sources.  This is the beginning of an academic journey and you are not expected to have all the answers. You are expected to embrace the path laid out before you by completing the assignments, discussions, and learning activities to the best of your abilities. To do so, follow the instructions carefully.


This assignment will help you to

  • Explore your chosen topic
  • Identify a controversy related to the topic
  • Develop and organize a research topic through all stages of development
  • Create a path to the successful completion of the final Argumentative Research Essay

For this assignment, respond to each of the following prompts fully and thoughtfully.  Questions  5–8 should be answered in fully developed paragraphs (5-7 sentences).  See below for a sample proposal.


2. RESEARCH QUESTION: [Watch  the video posted in Week 1 discussion or click here]

3. SUPPORTING ELEMENTS: [What examples, evidence, and supporting details help substantiate your argument on your topic?]

4. THESIS STATEMENT: [What are you arguing about your topic and what helps prove your argument? Make sure to weave your three supporting elements from above into the thesis statement.         Put your argument in bold font and underline your three supporting elements.]

5. AUDIENCE: [Who are your readers? What might your readers want or need to know about your topic? What knowledge or biases might your readers already have on this topic?]

6. POTENTIAL SOURCES: [What types of sources will be helpful to support your stance? What will these sources reveal about your topic?]

7. CHALLENGES TO THE RESEARCH: [What might make your argument difficult to prove?]

8. GOALS FOR THE PROJECT: [What do you want to accomplish within your Formal Research Assignment? What do you want the reader to feel after reading your essay?]

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