fema offers free online certificates H u m a n i t i e s

fema offers free online certificates H u m a n i t i e s

this paper has two parts please follow the instructions carefully.

  1. On 10/26 you will have a new assignment available that has two parts to it. The first part is your regular Read, Analyze, Write work, covering what you learned from chapter 11. The second part of your assignment will be the following:

Write a paragraph telling me why you enrolled in the Public and Private Security class, and what about the class has been the most interesting to you, thus far. Then give me two topics you would like to dig into for your research paper for this class. When I score your week 11 assignment, I will give you a little feedback regarding your research topics of choice as well. You can take that input and then pursue one of the two topics for your research project. This second part of the week 11 assignment should just be added to the bottom of your questions and responses document and submitted in the week 11 Submissions Folder as one document (be sure to put your name on it).

You are on the home stretch now! This week’s assignment has two parts, so read it in it’s entirety to make sure you do not miss anything. Chapter 11 is the first of the last set of chapters you will study for your final exam. This chapter is all about emergency management and some of the systems and strategies for successfully navigating these types of events. My security career has given me many opportunities and challenges to exercise my knowledge, experience, and leadership, and emergency incidents are where all of that really counts. This is an area you have to constantly refresh your knowledge, skills, and review and exercise your plans. While working in professional security roles throughout my career, I have dealt with weather related emergencies, chemical spills, medical emergencies, fires, shootings, assaults, terrorism, and just about every type of emergency you could imagine. Get all you can out of this chapter, it will serve you well throughout your career. Also, if you are interested in additional training in this area, FEMA offers free online certificates of training on several emergency management related topics.

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